The NTC Summer Tour Comes To A Close

For a lot of us, summer brings up fond memories of road trips and vacation destinations – well, fond memories or, if you’re like my sister and me, memories of us dividing the car in half and fiercely protecting our “side” until we finally got to unload our car in Destin. Love you, Rachel!

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Nike Training Club Chicago took that concept of a summer road trip and put it into practice with their NTC Summer Tour. This weekly workout series hit neighborhoods around Chicago and encouraged athletes to break out of their normal gym or lakefront trail rut and explore more of what Chicago has to offer.

From the South Loop to Lincoln Park, Pilsen to Humboldt Park, and West Loop to Logan Square, athletes showed up by the hundreds to enjoy a run or a a free workout led by one of Nike’s Master Trainers. Those who were most engaged were rewarded with Lollapalooza prize packages that I can’t lie, I’m pretty jealous of.

And because everyone loves a theme day, the workouts were paired with heart-thumping soundtracks tuned to a specific musical genre: throwback R&B, EDM, indie rock, and my personal favorite, 80’s hits that had everyone sweating to the oldies in their neon Lycra.

With the warm weather and the flexibility that comes with extended daylight hours, summer is prime time to escape the gym and switch up your sweat routine. Here are a few ways to revamp your workout for summer:

1. Change your alarm. Since the sun is rising earlier, you may be ambitious enough to want to work out earlier in the day before the sun starts to get too hot. Or, alternatively, if you have more energy at night, don’t stress about leaving work at 5pm on the dot in order to get your long run in before the sun sets – relax a little bit and enjoy that late sunset!

2. Hit the park. One of the best things that Nike has brought us recently is the NTC app, which gives users a huge directory of workouts ranging from 15-45 minutes that barely require any equipment. Grab your phone and a set of mini speakers to get your workout on in a nearby park. I love to head to Oz Park, myself. Treat yourself to a visit to the ice cream man afterwards.

3. Switch up the scene. Taking a weekend trip this summer or heading on vacation? Sweat in a new location, whether it’s a beachfront run, yoga in the mountains, or even just a simple no equipment workout in your hotel room. Nervous that a vacay will derail your training and hard work? No worries, we’ve got solutions for that.

Can’t get enough NTC? Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and their schedule of free classes! How have you switched up your workout routine this summer?

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