Fueling up pre-workout

If I’ve learned anything over the past few years spent training and exercising more seriously, it’s this: we’re all moving breathing body machines. You have to choose the right kind of fuel for before, after and sometimes during exercise (hello, endurance athletes) to get the kind of performance you want.

When you’re walking into a workout and you realize you’re completely famished, it’s not the right time to eat a full dinner-plate full of food. So what do you reach for?

A Mark Bar

At a little more than 200 calories, Mark Bars make a great pre-workout snack and fit nicely in a workout bag. They use quinoa to pack those little squares with protein. Fun facts about quinoa: It’s gluten free, contains heart-healthy fats, is anti-inflammatory and is a complete protein. The last time I grabbed some Mark Bars, I picked up Chocolate Cherry Almond and Blueberry Almond, but my favorite flavor is Peanut Butter Chocolate.

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A banana

In a FabFitChicago.com interview with Lisa Payne, she said that she recommends clients “eat something an hour or two before they can work out. A banana is perfect. You read any fitness magazine and they’ll say [to eat] a banana because it’s got potassium in it, which if you’re a little dehydrated will kind of help keep those minerals up and it’s just enough to get you through the workout. Because if you’re working out on an empty stomach you’re more likely to overeat after  working out. If you would just take 100 calories to eat a banana a hour or two before your workout. Then you’ll probably eat less overall. You’ll have that energy to give your workout as much energy as you can…” Bananas are like nature’s fruit snacks. Pre-packed and ready to eat.

My favorite snacks: An apple and almond butter, veggies and some hard-boiled eggs

As long as you have gas in the tank your workout will go a lot smoother. If I’m home, I’ll grab one of my other favorite snacks that I always keep laying around. I have a hard time sticking within the two tablespoon serving size of almond butter – a spoon and a jar. Who doesn’t have a hard time? So I tend to lean on hard-boiled eggs and veggies.

Don’t forget to fuel up! What’s your favorite pre-workout snack?

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  1. I usually save the apple/peanut butter for post work-out just because I do tend to overdo it with the serving size! Before workouts, I like a handful of almonds- quick and easy!

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