WERQ at ENRGi Fitness

Studio: ENRGi Fitness, 676 N. LaSalle

Class Focus: Cardio dance fitness with a hip-hop flair

Cost per class: $20

Nike+ Fuel Points Earned: ~1,800

The Fab Fit take:

WERQ Fitness, a dance-inspired workout created by two Chicago-area women was listed as one of Self Magazine’s 33 hottest new workout classes to try in the U.S. this year and I wanted to see for myself why the class was such a hit. Over the past year, after expressing repeatedly that I cannot dance and have no real rhythm, I realize the following things about dance fitness:

  1. It’s insanely fun
  2. No one, NO ONE, in class cares about how good (or bad) your moves are – all eyes are on the instructor
  3. It takes practice to get better

So I set out to find a place to get my dance on.  WERQ is offered at a few gyms and studios across the city including Cheetah Gyms, ENRGi, Midtown Athletic Club, XSport. Additionally, you can take a class with one of the co-creators and master trainers Julie Steffen at HiFi from 12-1 on Saturdays. ENRGi’s offering fit into my schedule and I’ve always loved the classes and instructors I’ve worked out with there. ENRGi offers a huge variety of classes in its three group fitness rooms ranging from barre to circuit style classes to dance classes like WERQ.

This class was completely packed, so I ended up in the front row, which turned out to be a great thing. I could see the instructor Adriana and I could watch my own form in the mirror to try to actually get comfortable dancing. Within the swarm of ladies and one gentleman (you know who you are, sir – good for you) was a huge group of WERQ fans that knew each other, the instructor and each song’s choreography, makinge for a fun, (sober) club-like atmosphere.

The class was broken into songs  – a warmup song, the workout songs and a cool down song, and each had its own choreography. Each one of the songs got the heart rate up  and  snuck in moves like squats and oblique twists to tone while we sweat. The instructor didn’t stop to break down the choreography, but the moves were simple enough to follow without slowing down the class and our heart rates. Making my want to actually dance, the playlist featured songs that you’d hear in a club so I obviously stashed a few shimmy moves away to use later that Saturday night. I walked away after the hour-long class energized, drenched in sweat (I’m a very sweaty human, but I wasn’t alone) and happy with the workout I fit into my Saturday morning.

Take a look at what WERQ looks like in action.

Date taken:  4/13/2013

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