Gopuff Essentials Station: Your One-Stop Shop For Everything You’ll Need at #SweatworkingWeek

Chances are, you’ve gotten pretty used to doing *everything* at home over the last 18 months. For example, I no longer keep hair ties on my wrist, because I just have to go upstairs to my bathroom cabinet to find one in my time of need (it blew my mind when I first realized this was possible).

Similarly, we’re out of practice of making sure our gym bags are stocked with everything we need for a solid workout. Maybe you’ve accidentally shown up to a group fitness class without your water bottle, or maybe you forgot your usual pre-workout snack for the commute over to the studio. 

It happens to the best of us—but at #SweatworkingWeek, we’ve enlisted Gopuff to help make sure your workout essentials are on hand and ready for you at every single workout.

Find Gopuff at every #SweatworkingWeekworkout!

We’re working with Gopuff to create the ultimate Gopuff Essentials Station, which will have everything you need to crush that evening’s workout. You’ll find their Essentials Station at every event throughout the week. Plus, the Gopuff team will be on site Monday evening and Friday evening to show you a little extra love and tell you how Gopuff makes it crazy-easy to get your daily basics delivered.

Here’s what you’ll see at the Gopuff Essentials Station

Because in our mind, cold brew and snacks are definitely essentials. You’ll find the following brands (plus a few surprises!) at the Gopuff Essentials Station:

  • Rise cold brew coffee cans
  • Chomps beef sticks (you know we love them)
  • Farmer’s Fridge 
  • Vital Proteins
  • Champ
  • Dude Wipes
  • Bubu Brands Dog Treats
  • LOLA
  • And more essential toiletries and gym bag staples, like sunscreen, hair ties, and deodorant wipes

See? We basically thought of everything. Now, all you have to do is show up. Buy your tickets for #SweatworkingWeek here to enjoy the exclusive Gopuff Essentials Station!

Want to try Gopuff before #SweatworkingWeek? Use code ASWEATLIFE for $25 off your first order!

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