[VIDEO] Set Your Travel Goals with this Workshop from Kimpton Gray Experts

At this #SweatworkingSummit workshop, Joel Contor and Dina Fenili highlight travel trends, hotspots, and uncharted gems. You’ll leave this travel goals session with a plan to travel in a way that’s right for your personality and on-trend in 2020, led by these world travel experts and members of the team at The Gray.

In this workshop, Joel and Dina preview 2020’s biggest travel destinations as well as the overarching trends and themes they’re seeing in the industry (like eco-friendly travel and travel with pets). You’ll finish inspired to create a ton of aspirational Pinterest boards with your future travel bucket list, plus actionable tips for taking those dreams from saved flight itineraries to travel goals reality.

This keynote speech was recorded at the Kimpton Gray Chicago on Sunday, January 25 as part of the #SweatworkingSummit, hosted by aSweatLife.com.

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