9 of the Biggest Beauty Trends for 2019, According to the Pros

The advent of a new year isn’t only a good time to reflect back on what came before. It’s also a great opportunity to look ahead. When it comes to beauty trends, 2018 was definitely a wild ride. There were quite a few out-there brow looks, like fishtail brows and halo brows. Other trends included Korean-beauty inspired glass skin, seriously bright yellow makeup, and hidden rainbow roots.

So what’s in store for 2019? While we don’t own any crystal balls, we do have our favorite beauty experts on speed-dial. Here, they predict what will be big in beauty in 2019.

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2019 biggest beauty trends

Embracing Your Inner Glow

“Gone are the days of heavily applied makeup,” says Ami Mallon, global corporate educator for Osmosis Skincare. “Extra full coverage foundations with loads of concealer and defined contour lines are becoming a trend of the past.”

Instead, now beauty pros are seeing glow-y, glossy, “your skin enhanced” cosmetics applied with a light hand. “This trend is easy to achieve by utilizing light layers of light to medium coverage products with a synthetic brush, as this will make cream products easier to sheer out and ensure that a hint of the natural skin shows through,” explains Mallon.

Natural Brows

Say goodbye to the over-the-top brow looks of 2018. This year less is more for brows, says celebrity makeup artist Chris Lanston. “Just comb them, fill them in, and apply a clear mascara to set them,” he suggests. Shara Strand, owner and founder of Shara Cosmetics and Shara Makeup Studio in New York City, says serums, brow tints, and precision brow pencils allow everyone to achieve their perfect brow and shape.

Masks, Masks, and More Masks

At-home spa days are totally doable. All you need is the right face mask, and you’ve got plenty of options to choose from in 2019. Keep your eyes peeled for peel-off masks, a favorite of Bobbi Del Balzo, lead medical esthetician at the Deep Blue Med Spa on Long Island, for 2019. “They work by gently removing the outermost layer of your skin to relieve dullness and dead skin,” she says. “This produces a smoother skin texture and can also help balance out pigmentation.”

Susannah Courteau, licensed esthetician and Skin Health Consultant with BREVENA Laboratories, says sheet masks will become even more popular in the coming year. “ I like to think that this trend is a reflection of the changing mindset in our society around self-care,” she says. “Multitasking has its limits and its hazards. Thankfully, we are beginning to realize the importance of self-care by slowing down and taking time for ourselves to relax and rebalance.”  

Customizable Beauty

Beauty products aren’t one-size-fits-all, so expect to see brands that are more targeted to specific issues. “I believe the biggest beauty trend in 2019 will be customization,” says Jacqueline Kang, head of research and lab manager for Rose & Abbot, a green skin care line utilizing an algorithm to determine what’s right for your skin. “Beauty lovers are intrigued in getting products that were created to target their specific needs. It is not enough to create an off-the-shelf product anymore.”

Golden Blonde Hair

Consider the 2019 the year of yellow hair. The icy blonde that was so popular in 2018 will start to transition to golden blonde, says Cynthia Diersen, CHI Haircare creative artistic team member. “Fashion colors attach themselves better and will not appear so hollow and dull when applied to a light yellow, not platinum, base, making them longer lasting too,” says Diersen. “So, embrace the beauty in bright, shiny golds and creamy buttery blondes and don’t be afraid to get creative with them.”

Beauty Technology

Brands are taking advantage of technology, and that won’t slow down in 2019. “Trending for 2019 is the use of technology with makeup and beauty as a whole,” says Amy Nicole, founder of Chic Studios School of Makeup. Expect to see in-store experiences that grab your attention using apps like Perfect365, MakeupPlus+, and YouCam.

Flushed Cheeks

“2019 brings a pop of color to the cheeks, and lots of it,” says Mallon. She advises putting away the bronzer and picking up blush instead. “From rosy to flushed, blush is being used as eye shadow, to give definition, and most importantly to add color to the face.” Use your blush on your lids and cheeks for a monochromatic look that’s on-trend, says Mallon.

Blue Light Awareness

“Technology is now part of our day to day existence and while we love our apps, they can have a negative effect on our skin,” says Courteau. “Thankfully, awareness is growing about the many harmful effects that blue light can have on our bodies, including the long-term damaging effects it can have on our skin.” That’s why Courteau predicts antioxidants (which protect against blue light) and reparative ingredients will take center stage in 2019.  

Crystals in Skin Care

“Right now there is a huge movement going on in the beauty industry using crystals as part of beauty and ancillary treatments,” says Elizabeth Trattner, green beauty expert and doctor of Chinese and integrative medicine. One of the most popular crystals you’ll see in 2019: quartz. People have seen success when using quartz for facial rolling. “Facial rolling comes from ancient techniques of Chinese Medicine where jade rollers, or jade gua sha tools, were used to treat and create circulation on the face,” says Trattner.


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