How to Use Healing Crystals to Improve Your Well-Being

From Spencer Pratt to Gwyneth Paltow, crystals are becoming as ubiquitous as cold pressed juice. Just by releasing negative energy and allowing positive energy to come through, healing crystals can be life changing.

While this sounds very “woo woo,” you can’t deny that these rocks have become mainstream. But are crystals just nouveau snake oil or can they really improve our wellbeing?

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An October 2017 article from Time looked into whether or not crystals actually worked. The article concluded that they do, but only through a placebo effect. While selenite won’t replace Ambien any time soon, the medical community won’t deny how powerful the placebo effect can be. So, if you are looking to increase your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, crystals are worth a try.

The easiest way to incorporate healing crystals into your life is to wear them. When fashion stylist Ali Levine was filming the Bravo reality show, Stripped, she relinquished all of her possessions, taking back one a day for 21 days. One of the possessions she asked to have back was her LOVEthirteen crystal bracelet. But it wasn’t because she loved the way this piece of jewelry looked; instead, it was about how it made her feel. (Pretty understandable, considering there are very few things as stressful as filming a reality show.)

Another easy way to harness the power of crystals is through decorating with them. You can buy large ones, which not only look beautiful, but also help create a positive energy throughout your most sacred spaces. Consider using rose quartz in your bedroom to make it a more peaceful, loving space. Black tourmaline and lepidolite are great for protection and will neutralize electromagnetic fields. Keep them near your chargers or in your home office space. Or perhaps place them near that wall you share with those awful neighbors whose move you’ve been trying to manifest.

You can also use healing crystals to enhance your yoga or meditation practice by placing them along the side of your mat. Sometimes, I even put a few small crystals in my sports bra. Quartz is a good crystal to use because it helps heal both physical and emotional pain, as well as foster spiritual growth and creativity. Moonstone can also be a useful crystal because of its calming properties.

Crystals are even being used for beauty treatments. Jade rollers are becoming the beauty tool du jour to decrease facial inflammation and aid under-eye puffiness. They also feel quite invigorating.

Jade is also a common material for Yoni eggs, which are used to improve the strength the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal muscles as well as increase sensitivity and improve orgasm. While they have been popular for over 5000 years, doctors do not recommend this practice. A product made of body safe silicone such as the Lovelife Krush kegel exerciser, is a better and certainly more hygienic option.

You can also make your own crystal water with a Glacce bottle. These glass water bottles contain a large crystal. Different healing crystals create different “elixirs.” Amethyst is great for harnessing creativity. Smoky quartz is said to help relieve anxiety. Clear quartz can aid with energy, positivity and focus. Of course you can just use your own crystals in any container, but make sure you don’t accidentally drink them. There are so many wonderful ways to use crystals, but swallowing is not one of them.

Personally, I started getting into crystals in the middle of 2017 after hearing Annabelle DeSisto talk about them on her podcast Adderall and Compliments, which if you’ve never heard, is more about compliments than Adderall. I ordered her Basic Essentials Crystal Kit, which contains selenite, blue lace agate, rose quartz, black obsidian and carnelian. Depending on my current energy, I’ll hold the crystals in the palm of my hand, or simply keep them near me.

I already felt like the kit had been helpful, but I only recently realized what these healing crystals could do. For months, I slept with the selenite stick under my pillow. I had pleasant dreams and slept very well. Unfortunately, I lost my stick traveling a few weeks ago and ever since, my sleep has not been as sound.

If you are interested in using healing crystals for the first time, consider purchasing an inexpensive starter kit from Annabelle, Spencer Pratt or House of Intuition. However, you can easily hit up your local metaphysical shop to create your own and buy individual crystals.

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