Kathryn Pisco Quit Her Job To Travel the World and Volunteer

Kathryn Pisco, founder of Unearth the World, has an incredible story – she and her husband decided to quit their corporate jobs and travel the world for an entire year. But, this wasn’t just a year of travel to 20 countries – they planned volunteer projects along the way to not only give back, but also to learn.

The two took their passion from this experience and turned it into Unearth the World, which helps people travel and give back at the same time. On that journey to entrepreneurship, Kathryn gathered some insight on fighting fears and building success that she shared with us.


Kathryn’s Fearless tips:

1. Find help and support from people who know more than you. Kathryn found that having a support system is key and she formalized it by finding experts in every field to help her develop herself and her business.

2. Be kind to yourself. She’s taken a piece of advice her mother gave her and implemented into her day to day life – treat yourself like you would treat a friend. This has been instrumental in allowing her to shed fear because Kathryn (like most people) found that she’s nicer to her friends than she is to herself. It allows her to acknowledge her fears and find the internal encouragement to move past them.

3. Stop worrying about having it all. Our culture is obsessed with the idea of “having it all.” And we’ve heard women share their fear over their inability to do that. Kathryn’s philosophy on this is straightforward and meaningful. No matter what you’re doing in your life, you are growing and leaving your mark on the world, sometimes that may be career-related and other times it may be more personal – ultimately all that matters is that you’re focused on what is important to you in that moment.


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