How This Successful CEO Turns Failures Into “Stumbles”

Every Friday this month, we interview a fearless entrepreneur or CEO for The Fearless Series. In each interview, we deconstruct the fears that go hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship and share these fearless leaders’ tactics to overcome them.

Our second #FearlessFriday features Jennifer Dieas, Founder and CEO of Glowout Salons. Jenn became an entrepreneur when she was a young cheerleader trying to travel to New York City for the Macy’s parade. She took that spirit, along with the belief that she can do anything she wanted, and moved from Florida to Chicago. Jenn missed the Florida sun and was inspired to start a tanning business. Her business has since evolved into a one-stop shop where customers can get spray tans, blowouts and their nails done in a super fun (and gorgeous) salon with their friends.

Jenn is pretty adament about the things that can’t fall to the wayside if she wants to remain on top of her game; namely, eating foods that fuel her, getting enough exercise and – the big one that we all seem to forget – sleeping enough. She also leans on the support of a peer network of like-minded individuals when the going gets tough.

Her biggest piece of advice to stay grounded when you’re on your own path? Instead of trying to figure out everything all at once – which only makes you more anxious and less able to effectively make decisions – assess where you are and the next best move to get you where you want to be.

After all, there is no such thing as failure, she says, just moments where we stumble and learn a lesson that will help us get to our next destination.

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