Simple Mills’ Founder Katlin Smith Talks Conquering Fear to Build Her Business

Every Friday this month, we interview a fearless entrepreneur or CEO for The Fearless Series. In each interview, we deconstruct the fears that go hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship and share these fearless leaders’ tactics to overcome them.

In previous weeks, we heard from the CEO of Air Aerial Fitness, Shama Patel, Jenn Dieas, Founder of Glowout Salon and Leah Caplanis, founder and CEO of Social Sparkling Wines. All three of these entrepreneurs overcame a struggle (or two or ten) to get where they are now and are proud to share their journeys with us. This week’s feature is no different.

Our fourth #FearlessFriday features Katlin Smith, Founder and CEO of Simple Mills. Katlin started Simple Mills after realizing that cleaning up her diet helped her break free of joint pain and increased her energy. Her mission is to clean up the center aisles of the grocery store by replacing foods overly-filled with sugar with foods enriched with protein and minerals.

Receiving a scholarship to attend Booth to earn her MBA was the first step in helping Katlin fight any fears she had regarding her business because it was further proof that she was onto something and others believed in her vision. The continual encouragement she found from her network and customers ultimately helped her overcome fears on a daily basis.

And Katlin reminds us that it is okay – in fact, more than okay – to not know everything. In new situations, Katlin has a great philosophy of reassuring herself with the quick phrase, “I haven’t learned that yet.”

This phrase only propels her forward to take on the next task at hand, stay true to her mission and build her business. Give it a shot this week and let us know how it goes!

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