Morning Mediation with Breather and Float Sixty


We spend a lot of our time staying up to date on what science says is the best way to stay well. And it’s increasingly clear that the way you take care of your mind impacts your body and your day-to-day life.

Meditation, credited with being like brushing your teeth for your brain and making people “10% Happier” can help to bring focus, clarity and stress relief to you day. If you’ve heard about meditation (or people keep telling you that you should do it), but have no idea how to make it a practice, we’re challenging you to join us Thursday mornings in September to dig in.

So we’re presenting four different opportunities to practice mindfulness with four different focuses in four different breather spaces.

aSweatLife chose some mindful partners for this series:

  • Breather, which has breakout spaces across Chicago for individuals, companies and teams to use to be creative, to meet or to crank out a project.
  • Float Sixty, which is a space devoted to mindfulness through its sensory deprivation rooms, pods and tanks.
  • Lauren Goldstein of Core Power Yoga will lead meditation.

Timing for the event: We know your morning matter and you need every second, so we want you to understand how your time will be spent.

  • 7:30-8 am: meditation (sweat-free so you can go right to work)
  • 8-8:30 am: coffee, breakfast and conversation (you can grab coffee and leave before 8:30 if you need to get to work)


About Breather:

Need a mindful space for some heads down work, to meet with clients or a place to treat your team to an off-site? Breather has your back. Get a $45 credit to try Breather with promo code: ASWEATLIFE

or Contact [email protected]

About Float Sixty:

Float Sixty is the only floatation center in Chicago. Floating is the practice of using sensory deprivation in order to help relax and heal your mind and body. This is achieved by going into either a room, tank or pod which has a depth of 10in of water that is heated to body temperature and saturated with about 1000 pounds of salt! When you lay down, 90% of gravity is removed and you will be floating effortlessly. Think the dead sea, but remove light and sound. This is a great technology for everyone to utilize in their routine. Enhanced meditative states, muscle recovery, working around problems, creating new ideas, are just some of the benefits you will get with this practice. It gets better each time you do it. We look forward to seeing you at Float Sixty!

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Jeana Anderson Cohen is the founder and CEO of a premiere wellness media destination that creates content and community to help womxn live better lives and achieve their goals. Before founding health-focused companies Jeana earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison - and fresh out of college she worked on the '08 Obama campaign in Michigan. From there, she created and executed social media strategies for brands. aSweatLife fuses her experience in building community and her passion for wellness. You can find Jeana leading the team at aSweatLife, trying to join a book club, and walking her dog Maverick.

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