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Last week, as I sat on my suitcase to zip all of its contents securely in place, Hubs asked me with a bit of concern, “What are you bringing?”

It was at that point that I needed to explain that my suitcase was full of spandex, sports bras and all of the Nikes. “You should probably pack some workout stuff too, we’ve got a really tight fitness schedule.”

“I figured,” he said. Hubs is the best.


We were packing up for a trip that was one part work for him and three parts fun for us in and around San Diego. I had been dreaming of ocean spray and the smell of sunscreen for weeks and I couldn’t wait to not unpack my suitcase (I generally just rustle around in my suitcase for the duration of a trip) and experience the sweat in one of the nation’s fittest cities.

A fit vacation in San Diego is perfect for health conscious people. The city’s outdoor activities, hilly trails, plant-based restaurants and burgeoning fitness scene offer something for everyone.

Here are some of our highlights as well as some of the spots we wanted to hit but didn’t get to.


Because Hubs and I are both ClassPass members, we went online to the multi-gym membership and switched our metro area to San Diego. Suddenly, the city was our fitness-oyster.

We targeted gyms across the La Jolla, Del Mar and San Diego area. Here’s what we tried:

  • Barry’s Bootcamp: In The Hub in San Diego, Barry’s is a tread-and-shred bootcamp mainstay. The classrooms are lined with Woodway treadmills and the floors are filled with props like steps, weights and mats. Trainers push the clients to work through a variety of exercises on the treadmills and on the floor.asweatlife_Fit-vacation-in-San-Diego_5
  • Ignite Me: In Solana Beach, this gym is a hidden gem. When I read the description for the class “Ignite Body Blaze,” I had a good feeling, but Hubs needed some convincing. We walked through the open-air garage door to our trainer Carlos, who was setting up his eight-station death-by-sweat. We were blown away by the workout and so happy we took the walk from our Del Mar hotel to this spot.
    This sweaty photo is brought to you by Carlos of Ignite Me in Solana Beach (in the middle).

Here’s what we meant to try (We had lofty goals):

  • SweatHaus: This gigantic space hosts a variety of different classes and is known for training athletes. In its warehouse-style space, it looks like it’s difficult not to feel like an athlete.
  • Pop Physique: This fusion between ballet and Pilates uses a style reminiscent to American Apparel across its website and other marketing materials. It was born in LA, so this native California class is a must-try for barre enthusiasts. Hubs would have been a tough sell.


With hills and a scenic coastline, there’s a lot to explore off of the beautiful beaches.

  • The San Diego Hiker’s Association is a great resource for anyone interested in hiking this beautiful area of the country. Users can sort a list of trails by a variety of information like the type of scenery they’re interested in seeing as well as whether their canine companion can join them. Trails range in difficulty and length, we had our eye on the Ho Chi Min Trail, but there’s something for everyone.

Water Sports:


San Diego is a water sports heaven. With harbors and bays that have calmer waters and a variety of beaches with different types of waves, it’s the perfect place to dip your toe in things like kayaking, paddle boarding and surfing.

  • SurfingPacific Surf School has locations across the globe including the San Diego area, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Bali, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. For experienced surfers who just want to rent a board, it’s $15 for the first hour and $35 for the day. I was signed up for a lesson to refresh because it’s been a few years since I learned to surf in Hawaii. Here’s an expensive lesson I learned: as enticing as it might be to go see your favorite rapper the night before you’re signed up to become one with the ocean on a surf board, you’re not going to feel like getting up for your lesson. Next time, Pacific Surf School. Next time.asweatlife_Fit-vacation-in-San-Diego_8
  • Paddle boarding and Kayaking: There are paddle board rentals all across the San Diego including Pacific Surf School. You can also get to calmer waters to rent kayaks and paddle boards in the harbor near Sea World where Aqua Adventures has its aquatic HQ. Hubs and I rented boards there and got close enough to cuddle with some very boisterous sea lions.  Kayaks are also available for rental there.

Juice bars and fresh eats:

  • Project Juice: After completing our workout at Barry’s Bootcamp, Hubs and I walked across the street to Project Juice, a California chain, for a smoothie. This plant-based paradise has everything from smoothies to acai bowls to salads and quinoa bowls. Hubs went for the Sunset beach and I got the Mission Mocha. asweatlife_Fit-vacation-in-San-Diego_6
  • The Lotus Café and Juice Bar was just under seven miles from where we stayed in Del Mar. The Menu is packed with options for any dietary choice you could make. Gluten free? Great. Vegan who doesn’t eat honey? You’re covered.

What’s on your fitcation agenda for San Diego?    

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