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I have to admit that I’ve been a little hesitant to try a juice cleanse. You too? When I met the owner of Chicago-based Cleanse Culture, I decided to read up on this trend and to give taking in my nutrients as liquids a try. Like anything that has to do with nutrition, there are a lot of strong opinions on juice cleansing, but, like anything, if you do it in moderation and as recommended, you’ll be fine. Read: don’t do a juice cleanse for a month straight.

My day with the Signature Seasonal Juice Cleanse by Cleanse Culture could not have been easier. Six bottles of juice got me from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. without any real incident. I must admit that around noon, I just wanted to chew on something, but I got over that mid-day hump and I made it to the finish line.

Every juice was a delicious blend of fresh, organic produce, spices, nuts and seeds. The six juices each had their purpose listed on the bottle. I spent the day with my new friends, spicy lemonade, fat blaster, deep detox, minty cucumber melon cooler, green giant and strawberries and cream cashew milk. That’s just under 1,200 calories of juice, so I did yoga the day of my cleanse.

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I tried not to pick favorites because all of the juices were delicious, but alas, I am but a human. I fell instantly for the Deep Detox, a juice made up of cucumber, green apple, beet and ginger. I’ve been making a variation of this juice for eight-ish years, until I tragically broke my juicer in a using-a-knife-sharpener-instead-of-a-tamper accident. This juice tasted like home.

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The strawberries and cream cashew milk, was a true case of saving the best – and most calorie-dense – for last. This juice tasted indulgent, but it was made up of simple whole foods like cashew milk, strawberries, Vermont maple syrup, bourbon vanilla bean, pink Himalayan sea salt. Can’t imagine what that would taste like? Try melted strawberry ice cream.

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A little leery of juice cleansing? Can’t imagine a day without chewing? There’s still a detox to kick-start your healthy lifestyle, Cleanse Culture’s Raw Food Cleanse is a nice introduction.

In Chicago, Cleanse Culture delivers right to your door to ensure optimum juice freshness. Not in Chicago? (tell me what spring feels like) You can still cleanse. Your juices will be overnighted to you.

If you want a chance to win a one-day juice cleanse from Cleanse Culture, you can enter the “What get’s your juices flowing” contest.

Here’s how:

Get an entry by completing each of the tasks listed below. You can complete each task multiple times and you will receive an additional entry for each repeat. A winner will be picked at random, so the more times you enter the better your chances! Contest ends on midnight 5/12/14, so go ahead and let those “juices” start flowing.  Winner will be announced 5/13/14.

The Tasks:

  • Follow @cleanseculture on Twitter & Retweet the #MyJuicyJumpstart Contest
  • Follow Cleanse Culture on Pinterest www.pinterest.com/ourculture and repin the contest pin
  • Follow @FabFitChicago on Twitter & Retweet the #MyJuicyJumpstart Contest
  • Post your favorite DIY juice combo ingredients on Twitter with hashtag #MyJuicyJumpstartExample: {Kale, Cucumber, Kiwi = #MyJuicyJumpstart}
  • Post a pic of that fave juice combo ingredients or actual juice on Twitter or Pinterest with hashtag #MyJuicyJumpstart. Worth 2 entries if you post on both Twitter and Pinterest!
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  • Post a pic of something health focused on Twitter or Pinterest that gets your juices flowing with hashtag #MyJuicyJumpstart. Worth 2 entries if you post on both Twitter and Pinterest!
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  • Don’t forget the hashtag #MyJuicyJumpstart so we can track all your entries!Ready, Set, Go get those juices flowing!

(Disclosure: I was gifted a Signature Seasonal Juice Cleanse by Cleanse Culture for trial and review purposes. As always, I only write about the products that I actually try and enjoy)

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