Making New Year’s Resolutions stick with NTC week

Nike pushed Chicago’s fitness-motivated women to their limits with NTC week, a week of two-a-days centered around supercharging New Year’s resolutions. Nike’s events always bring fun and fitness together, but this week was a tour de fitness, taking NTC club-goers across the city of Chicago to sweat with some of my favorite trainers at some of the hottest studios.

Monday brought the debut of the new NTC space on Michigan Avenue and a High Intensity Interval training workout. Elena Delle Donne stopped by to make her resolution for the week along with everyone else. I wonder what her resolution was … be less amazing?


We got pushed around by two of the baddest trainers in the city, Liu and Betina, who used jump ropes and light weights to challenge us.


Tuesday brought together two things every girl needs more of in her life: AIR Aerial Fitness and manicures. Have I mentioned that all of my fitness friends were present and accounted for throughout the week? That included instructors, fellow fitness classmates, sorority sisters (ahem). Leslie, Lindsay, your nails are ON POINT.


I love everything about AIR. But one thing I love extra hard is how immediately everyone in the room walks in, sees the AIR hammocks and starts Instagtramming.

Nike_NTCWeekChicago_Day2_L4C0212.jpg_small (1)

Wednesday, NTC took the indoor cycling experience at FlyWheel up a level up by bringing in a DJ to get the space bumping extra hard.If you’ve already found FlyWheel, you already love FlyWheel, but this was a great addition.


Every event had a competition element using Nike+ Fuel bands and if you look closely, these ladies moved their bands to their shoes.


Thursday, Nike took its signature NTC barre to the top of the city at the John Hancock signature room, where Gina warmed the ladies up and fogged the building’s windows up in the process.



As a reward for the week of hard work, Nike brought in chair massages to relieve all of the eager two-a-dayers’ aching muscles.Nike_NTCWeekChicago_Day4_MG_1752.jpg_small

Why did we all commit to a week of two-a-days? Everyone loves a good challenge, but behind every challenge is a sweet reward. The top performers at each event got a ticket to final 1920s-themed workout and party at the Nike Speakeasy. If you’re thinking, “your reward for working out hard was another workout?!?” I know. Isn’t it great?

My friend Michelle and I searched for the mystery Speakeasy location only to discovered that were were truly being taken to a back-alley kind of place.

photo 1

Once we found our way inside, a tough workout was waiting themed to fit the roaring ’20s, led my OYM‘s Emily and Shred 415/Real Ryder’s Kate. Emily and Kate don’t care if you’re sore, you’d better work.

With the addition of a dance-y segment in the workout, we got a little break from the sculpt and got to try to look like we know how to dance.


By the end of the week, I pushed myself to attempt my goal of five pull-ups unassisted. Success!

[wpvideo sMEejOKn]

If you want to keep up with NTC and all of the amazing things the team is doing across Chicago, Like them on Facebook.

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