This Year’s School Supply List Should Include Period Products—Here’s Why

Period poverty is real, and students in underserved communities are most likely to face it. Here’s how to help.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Your Pre-Pandemic Body—Here’s How

Plus, why it’s important to explore body neutrality.

Building Inclusivity in the Fitness Space with Kiersten McCartney

Read this before turning on the Paralympic Games this month.

On National Friendship Day, Try A “Friendship Check-In”—Here’s How

It’s time to reflect on what real friendship means to you.

How Hip Hop Dancing Helped Free Me From My Mental Trauma

Here’s how hip hop helped Nadya process her emotions in times when she needed accessible, affordable mental health boosts.

How to Start Your Houseplant Hobby—On A Budget

Let’s go green.

I’m On My Period and Craving Chocolate—But Why?

Yes, there’s science behind the stereotype.

3 Tips to Combat Zoom Fatigue — From a CEO Who Started Her Company During COVID

Plus, why Zoom fatigue even exists in the first place.

How Activewear Brands Are Making Menstruation Mainstream—And Why That’s So Revolutionary

Say goodbye to cheesy tampon commercials of women doing cartwheels in white skirts.

How Yoga Is Helping Me Heal From My Trauma

“When practicing yoga, I’m able to clear my mind and just focus on being in the present moment.”

How The Yoga Industry Has Changed with The Pandemic

The yoga industry has faced several challenges and changes as a result of the pandemic, such as closed studios, online classes, and more.

Three Organizations to Support on World Menstrual Hygiene Day

Menstrual hygiene is a privilege and a luxury—but it shouldn’t be. Support these three organizations to improve access to period products.


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