LIVE: The 2022 #Sweatworking Summit – Making Mental Health More Accessible

The #Sweatworking Summit is back in 2022! This year’s event (March 10-13) will once again be virtual and will be centered around a topic very near & dear to all of us: Mental health, self-care, self-love, and resilience.  Here’s what to expect from this signature event.

2022 #Sweatworking Summit featured

The big idea: Making mental healthcare more accessible

We talk about mental health almost daily at aSweatLife – and one thing we’re trying to get better about is recognizing the privilege our immediate team has in getting the support we need. We have access to therapy, supportive family and friends, paid time off to deal with life, and other resources that we know not everyone has access too.

That’s why we decided to make this year’s #Sweatworking Summit themed around the big idea that mental health needs to be more accessible to everyone. In our programming, you’ll see the same three elements: ways to build community, ways to move your body, and a way to learn (a panel, keynote or workshop). Throughout the weekend, you’ll have the ability to attend sessions that are most exciting to you. 

Thursday, March 10 through Sunday, March 13, you’ll be a part of what happens when communities decide to go after a goal for a better future with wellness as the catalyst. After two years of shared trauma, resilience, and work from home – we’re focusing this #Sweatworking Summit on creating the tools you need to feel grounded and supported in a shaken-up world.

Our scholarship program

We feel strongly that anyone who wants to attend this event, should be able to. That’s why you’ll see two ticket prices when you go to buy your ticket: $25 and $50. The $25 ticket covers your individual ticket to the Summit, while the $50 ticket unlocks a scholarship for someone experiencing financial hardship.

Do you want to attend the Summit for free? Fill out this form and we’ll put you on the waiting list for a scholarship ticket – we’ll get in touch once a spot opens up.

The 2022 #Sweatworking Summit Schedule

Thursday, March 10: aSweatLife Pitch Competition

6 pm CST: This year, we’re focusing our #Sweatworking Summit on mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s our mission to eliminate barriers to entry for the things that make our audience feel mentally strong. This evening, you’ll hear from leaders, humans and businesses that address stigma of all kinds, affordability, ideas that bring tools to people with differing abilities, and ideas that help to knock over any other barriers to entry.

Friday, March 11:

8 am CST: Breathe In, Don’t Burnout with Breathwrk. Learn how to make breath into your body’s secret weapon with short exercises helping you wake up, recover faster, manage pain & sleep deeply.

12 pm CST: Lunch time workshop with Coa: An introduction to the seven traits of emotional fitness. Learn how to build your own emotional fitness regimen. The daily stresses that many of us face can make it hard to feel our best, but the skills and coping strategies to take on these challenges are rarely taught — and it can be difficult to know where to start. In this interactive class, you’ll explore the seven traits of emotional fitness and will learn how to take actionable steps toward developing your own emotional fitness regimen.

You’ll learn:
-How to build a foundation for mental health through the seven traits of emotional fitness
-Concrete tools, best practices, and strategies to kickstart a healthy emotional fitness regimen
-How to encourage emotional fitness in your relationships at work and at home

6 pm CST: Deep Dive Webinar with Erin Bahadur, “Let’s Talk about it”

7 pm CST: Evening wind down (announcing soon)

Saturday, March 12:

9 am CST: Morning Workout (announcing soon)

9:45 am CST: Morning grounding activity (announcing soon)

11:00 am CST: Deep Dive Webinar: Identity Affirming Therapy with Brandon J. Johnson, M.H.S., MCHES from the AAKOMA Project.

Sunday, March 13: 

9 am CST: Morning Workout (announcing soon)

9:45 am CST: Morning activity (announcing soon)

11:00 am CST: Deep Dive Webinar (announcing soon)

The Summit Box

Just like last year, anyone who signs up will receive a box of goodies from our brand partners – items that will help you take care of your mental health, from nourishing snacks to coupons for free mental health resources. We’ll be announcing more of the Summit box inclusions in the weeks to come, so keep an eye out.

And for a limited time, you can add on a signature piece of swag to your ticket. aSweatLife and Season of Sunday have partnered together to make your #Sweatworking Summit a bit more special (and cozy!) For a limited time, you can add on a pair of these custom socks for $25 and a portion of the proceeds will benefit mental health nonprofit, Project Healthy Minds. Should we all get matching socks? Yes, definitely.

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