The Consumables Gift Guide: Everything to Eat, Drink, and Gift This Holiday Season

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“I don’t want to give another meaningless, random thing that’ll just take up space.” “I don’t know what to get my kid’s teacher/our mailperson/the landlord/[insert random acquaintance].” “I actually have absolutely no idea what they even like.” Sound familiar?

With some of these common holiday gifting dilemmas, the answer is shockingly simple: gift a consumable. Everyone has to eat, right? And right now, artisanal treats and innovative canned beverages are having a moment, meaning you can get incredibly creative and niche with your gifts. Got a friend who loves ice cream, seaweed, and bubbly drinks? Chances are, there’s some sort of consumable gift that satisfies all those taste buds.

So here’s our roundup of our favorite food and drink items to give this holiday season. Warning: These gifts are not your aunt’s fruitcake of yore that sit untouched for days on end. So if you’re hoping for a taste test, better get in fast.

The aSweatLife Food and Drink Gift Guide

food and drink gift guide
  1. N!CK’s Ice Cream Bundle: Why try to choose one flavor when you could build a bundle of six different pints of ice cream? With dozens of classic and innovative flavors to choose from, this gift is a hit for everyone, regardless of their dietary preferences. That’s because N!CK’s has ice creams specifically for vegans, keto lovers, and chocolate-obsessed (because yes, chocolate is a dietary preference in our book). For the metaphorical cherry on top, include a box or two of their Cookie Krams. While the N!CK’s will unfortunately melt if wrapped and left under a tree, their delivery packaging is top-notch and always arrives perfectly frozen.
  2. Omsom Bestseller Set: These genius “starter” kits make Asian cuisine a snap, no matter your chef skill level or your access to an Asian grocery store. They’re full of flavor and incredibly convenient. Grab this for the person who succumbs to Chinese takeout one too many times a week.
  3. Garrett’s Garrett Popcorn Mix: In my house, it’s not the holiday season unless there’s a giant tin of Garrett’s on the counter, tempting us between every single meal and prompting heated debates about whether cheddar or caramel is the superior flavor (trick question: it’s a giant handful of both).
  4. Sitka Salmon Shares One-Time Seafood Box: While Kelly on our team swears by the seasonal subscription, that’s a pretty baller gift to get someone. Instead, we have our eyes on the one-time seafood box they offer, filled with premium fish caught-to-order by Alaskan fishermen. We have our eye on the Salmon Sampler Box for homemade sushi.
  5. Bardega Cocktail Club: For the friend who became their own mixologist over the pandemic, level up their cocktail game with Bardega Cocktail Club. Their monthly themed cocktail boxes are incredibly inventive (we recently tried the Wonka box in October), and we also appreciate that their bartenders host live virtual classes to help you perfect every shake and stir.
  6. OatHaus Best Sellers Bundle: With the Shark Tank pedigree, you know it’s good—and this four-pack features OatHaus’s best-selling flavors of granola butter: Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry Shortcake. Take it from someone who’s so dedicated to nut butters that she used to make her own: this stuff is GOOD. Pairs well with Oreos, bananas, and childhood nostalgia.
  7. Cometeer Mixed Box: To us, Cometeer feels like the coffee that they probably drank in the Zenon movies. The coffee is flash frozen at its peak flavor and comes in icy pucks (with recyclable packaging, naturally). The Mixed Box features 32 cups of coffee in a variety of light, medium, and dark roasts. Present this gift with a cute coffee mug for bonus holiday spirit.
  8. Clase Azul Reposado Tequila: You heard it here first: tequila is the new wine. Not just in terms of making it your go-to alcohol gift (although we’ll get to that), but because where it comes from, the way it’s grown, and the landscape (cliffside, flat land, sunny, or valley) all change the way it tastes. Jeana’s our go-to tequila expert on the team, and she whole-heartedly recommends Clase Azul Reposado. “It’s fancy and it’s entered the luxury space – the flavor is smooth (oaky with caramel notes), and it comes in a bottle that is meant to be displayed.” Yes, the price point is up there— so if you’re looking for something slightly more cost-conscious, her back-up is a good cristalino tequila (aged tequila that’s been filtered through charcoal). Go for small-batch if you can find it; they’re a little harder to find, but that’s what makes them special.
  9. Mike’s Hot Honey: On pizza, on toast, on salad, and on N!CK’s vanilla ice cream—you cannot go wrong with where you put this stuff. Buy it for the friend who’s got multiple shelves devoted to condiments. 
  10. Red Belly Honey Snap Packs and Mug: We’re as in love with these no-mess, travel-friendly snap packs as we are with the raw CBD honey in them. We love it on tea, Greek yogurt (or your plant-based yogurt of choice) and in our morning smoothies. And this exclusive gift set for aSweatLife comes with the cheeky “I do not want to bee like anyone else” mug.

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