Katie Lee Shares Easy, Delicious Summer BBQ Recipes

As a co-host of The Kitchen on Food Network, Katie Lee is known for her simple yet seriously tasty recipes. (One of her summer faves? This Bloody Mary shrimp cocktail “ceviche.”

Her latest venture: teaming up with Healthy Choice to promote the launch of their new line of salad dressings, which include vegan, non-dairy, and no-soy options. 

“I was really excited to team up with Healthy Choice because I’ve been a longtime fan of their products in general, but when it comes to salads, that’s one of my favorite foods,” says Lee.  “I always make what I call my trough salad for lunch. I get a big bowl and just kind of add whatever’s in my refrigerator.”

Lee notes that each of the “Power Dressings” has pureed veggies (like cauliflower and spinach) in them and clocks in at only 45 calories per serving.

“Since I’m eating for two, I’m trying to get all those nutrients whenever I can,” says Lee, who is currently expecting her first child.” Lee is a particular fan of the Creamy Ranch dressing. 


Before taking a virtual cooking class taught by Lee (because that’s how things are done in this new world), we had the chance to catch up with the Food Network star to talk her best quarantine cooking hacks, favorite summer BBQ recipes, and more. 

Her best quarantine cooking hack

“We’re all cooking more than we ever have before,” says Lee, “and I think everyone’s starting to feel that sense of fatigue of being in the kitchen.” If you want to pack in flavor without doing a ton of work, Lee says there are some ways you can cut corners. 

For example, buy a red curry paste and use that with coconut milk to make a quick curry. Or, use one of Healthy Choice’s Power Dressings to flavor chicken (which is exactly what we did in Lee’s cooking class!). “That’s a great quick way to get dinner on the table and have it taste really flavorful,” she says. 


Her easy, delicious summer BBQ recipes

“Whenever I do a summer barbecue, I have whatever it is that’s the star, whether it’s grilled steak or fish, and then a green salad and some sort of vegetable side.” The three dishes Lee taught us how to make during her virtual cooking class, all of which used Healthy Choice’s Power Dressings, are perfect for summer BBQs:

The random pregnancy craving she’s been having

When quarantine first started, Lee says she took it as an opportunity to eat whatever she wanted.

“I thought, ‘Oh, this is only going to last for a few weeks or a month,” she says. “But then I realized that this was the new way of life and I needed to go back to healthy eating.” 

So she made a conscious effort to make healthy choices during this time.

“Especially being pregnant, I want to eat foods that are good for my baby and provide some kind of benefit,” she says. “So I’m eating a lot of avocado, a lot of greens, and salmon.” 

That said, she’s still had some random pregnancy cravings.

“I’ve actually really craved iceberg lettuce,” says Lee. “I love the crunch of it.”

She’s also been gravitating toward PB&J sandwiches.

“I’ve specifically wanted grape jelly, which I haven’t really eaten since I was a kid, but now I love it again,” says Lee. 

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