Watch: Digital Training Success During COVID-19

On May 20th we came together for part 1 of 2 workshops focused on training during COVID-19. We partnered with fitness professionals to talk through all of the hard stuff about digital training so we can come together strong as trainers and plan for successful next moves.

In this video, you’ll hear from industry professionals on their experience and best practices for on-demand, streaming, virtual platforms and live workouts. What’s worked? What hasn’t? What steps did they take to get prepared? How has this changed their business model and what are they anticipating for the future?

Panelist provided their digital platform and tech equipment resources:

Darcey Wion, System of Strength, Director of the Digital Studio

  • Encoding Software: You will need encoding software to live stream to a platform separate from typical IG and Facebook Live. We use Vimeo Premium. Other suggestions are Wirecast and Tricaster.
  • The website we use to house all our videos and where we broadcast the Live Streams is Vimeo OTT. Their tagline is creating a user experience similar to Netflix. 
  • Camera: Panasonic Lumix G7 – Need tripod for camera
  • Camera Cord: HDMI mini to Regular HDMI
  • Capture Device: CamLink or  “IOGEAR HDMI to USBC 3.0 Video Capture Card”
    • Camera cord plugs into capture device. Capture device is needed to live stream. We started with the IOGEAR when all the capture devices were sold out. It comes with an adapter to a regular USB so you can use it with all MacBooks. The new MacBooks have a USBC so you can use it without the adapter.
  • Audio: RodeLink Mic. 
  • Lights: I am not sure the kind but even a ring light would work. 
  • Computer: Originally used MacBook Air with capture device. We have upgraded to new MacBook Air with side adapter (since new MacBooks only have USBc ports) so we can use the CamLink to its full potential. 
  • Internet Speed: The best suggestion would be to hard wire into internet with Ethernet cord so you are not trying to live stream via WIFI. If you buy an Ethernet cord you will need an Apple adapter with a USB to plug directly into your computer. 
  • Gideon Akande, Fitness and Wellness Coach
  • Ashley Rockwood, Founder of Free MVMT Shop
  • Kaye Straub, The Barre Code, Director of Training and Operations

Jerry Yudt, Founder/CEO of Y3 Lifestyle Coaching

  • Jerry is offering up daily free IG workouts as well as working with his 1 on 1 clients virtually.

Gideon Akande, Fitness and Wellness Coach

Ashley Rockwood, Founder of The Free MVMT Shop

Kaye StraubThe Barre Code, Director of Training and Operations 

Technology Equipment and Suggestions:

  • We use Vimeo Premium for live streaming if the instructor has a webcam and stable internet speed (ideally over 10 mbps upload speed). 
  • If internet speed is a problem, we use either Streamlabs or Larix apps on their mobile device and do a custom RTMP stream to our vimeo event. 
  • All of our streams are embedded to our website where we house all live & on-demand content:
  • Here’s a previously recorded live class that we use as a demo. 

Did you enjoy this workshop? Join us for part two in this #TrainersConnect COVID-19 series, where we’ll hear from legal experts at SmithAmundsen about everything you need to know about your legal options and obligations during the pandemic.

We’ll cover:

  1. Business Management: Unemployment benefits, loan options, financial impact
  2. Technology: Music licensing, waivers on technology platform
  3. Social distancing restrictions lifting in Chicago: What that could look like for studios/trainers, safety precautions, best practices for protecting your business and your clients

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