Why FitPros Make Great aSweatLife Ambassadors

Over the years, we’ve loved watching ambassadors nurture their big goals and dream. For some, that meant dreams as fitness professionals. Some became trainers on the side with the help of our partnership with NASM (and we get it, mic-ing up and bossing around a room full of people is intoxicating). For others it meant building their own businesses within the fitness space.

We understand the dedication and encouragement that it takes to be a trainer (everyone on our HQ team has worked as a trainer – from part-time to full-time to gym manager) and we’re excited to support you and all your professional goals this year.

How do we support fitness professionals within the Ambassador community?

From seasoned Fitness Professionals to soon-to-be trainers – we all have goals that we are working towards. It might look like starting your own studio, passing the Certified Personal Trainer exam, or acquiring new clients. We help you create and achieve those goals with a supportive community by doing what we all know so well in the fitness community as accountability. We are here for you!

Brand Perks: Get access to the latest and greatest in the health, fitness and wellness world. You could be the first to try something totally new or new-to-you that can help you personally and professionally.

Content shoots: We love working with the Ambassador community to create custom content using video and photoshoots. Need fresh shots for your website or social media? We create content together that you can use too.

Private Slack Channel: We have found this to be the best tool for the community to connect with one another. We love watching the FitPros in the community invite everyone out to sweat with them, and ask big questions, like “do you still want to do virtual fitness?”

Connection to a community of fitness enthusiasts: Need help with building out your website? Feedback on programming? Looking for a venue to host a workout? Lean in to this community that has incredible insight and feedback.

Goal for it! We want you (and all your goals) too! Join us by applying to aSweatLife’s Ambassador program 2022. You’ll find an incredible support system that’ll help propel you to even your furthest-fetched goals.

The application for the next class of Ambassadors is open now, and you’ll have until Tuesday, August 31 at 11:59 pm to apply. 

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About Kelly Matkovich

Kelly fell in love with the aSweatLife family when she became an ambassador in 2016. Through goal-setting and the exposure to trying new things, she made some pretty big career goals for herself. In 2017, she quit her full time job as a Director of Meetings and events for a Women’s Cancer Association to pursue the crazy world of entrepreneurship/contract work/working multiple jobs and a career in fitness. During this time, she got her NASM personal training certificate and became a group fitness instructor while also earning certifications in yoga sculpt and health coaching. She traveled around the world executing large conferences and started a wellness events company within the hospitality industry. Through this very exciting but very bumpy new career path, she always had aSweatLife ambassadors there to support her along the way. Now, as the Senior Director of Communities, her focus is to grow with this amazing group of ambassadors and inspire them to reach their BHAGS through uniquely crafted experiences, events and community.