Our Digital Workout Schedule for the Week of April 13 – Presented by Lifeway Kefir

The week of April 13 is full of digital content – and it’s going to be extra gut-healthy with the help of Lifeway Kefir.

[Listen] How to Ease Into Your Workouts (Or Not)

Maggie’s back on the podcast with one tip for the listeners.

What Does Sustainability Look Like During a Pandemic?

We turned to the experts for guidance on what sustainability means during the COVID-19 crisis and how to build sustainable habits into our new normal.

[Listen] Why A Dose Of Morning Nature Is Just What You Need

Here’s why a dose of nature is so beneficial in the AM.

[Listen] Make Your At-Home Workouts Something to Look Forward to With This Tip

A sweetgreen marketer and Shadowbox instructor shares how she’s making her at-home workout space more enticing.

Take a Break With This Doodle Workshop Led by Artist Blake Jones

Clear your weekend. This doodle workshop with artist Blake Jones will set your creative brain on fire and shake up your evenings.

When vulnerability is in the air – can it be a positive?

It’s a time of great change and with that comes vulnerability. Here’s how that can be a good thing.

[Listen] Add This Soothing Ritual to Your Nighttime Routine

Kristen and guest Kelly Matkovich do a deep dive on baths.


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