How JagFit Overcame Opening During a Pandemic to Earn Their Customers’ Trust

Opening a gym is tough in the best of times—but in a pandemic, it’s brutal. Here’s how the JagFit founders were able to successfully pivot their opening plan.

The 9 Best Hand Creams for Dry, Over-Washed Hands

Has all that sanitizer and soap left your hands feeling a little rough? Soothe the dryness and irritation with these nourishing lotions.

Confessions Of A Studio Fitness Junkie: How I Learned To Stop Hating Home Workouts

For someone fully committed to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, my general attitude about working out at home (or anywhere by myself) is really no different than that of a […]

How to Support Someone Who’s Struggling With the Pandemic

Here’s an expert’s advice on how to step in.

The 8 Best Facial Cleansers to Combat “Maskne”

Is your face mask making you break out? These products can help.

Five Predictions for Fitness Post-Coronavirus

How will coronavirus change the future of fitness? Here are five fitness predictions you’ll see post-coronavirus.

6 Post-Pandemic Wellness Trends We Predict We’ll See Soon

Here’s how wellness has changed during the pandemic and some wellness trend predictions about how it will continue to change in the coming months and likely, years.

Can You Regain Strength After Months of Bodyweight Workouts?

Has anyone else forgotten how to work out after four months of bodyweight only?


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