Here’s How Registered Dietitians Are Impacting COVID-19 Relief

Because what you eat affects how you fight—and prevent—disease.

The State of Fitness During the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Armed with more than 1,000 responses, we’re updating the State of Fitness with how you’re sweating and what you’re spending during COVID-19.

How To Avoid “Less Than” Syndrome While Sheltering At Home

We consulted the experts, and it turns out it’s okay that you haven’t baked sourdough bread or written an entire novel during quarantine.

Reflections on The Last Dance

Lessons learned from watching five weeks of Michael Jordan’s competitive spirit.

Covid-19, the Destroyer or Constructor of Plans?

What is the impact on our mental health when our best laid life plans go awry?

Memorial Day, Turn off Your Screens with us and N!CK’S Swedish-style Ice Cream

In partnership with Nick’s Swedish Ice Cream, on Monday, May 25, we’re inviting you not to read, watch or stream anything from aSweatLife.

The Pantry Staple Kristen is Obsessed With Now and Forever

Host Kristen brings you two of her own personal recommendations.

What to Know About the Healthcare Administrators Fighting COVID-19

Doctors and nurses aren’t the only ones fighting coronavirus. Here’s how healthcare and service line administrators are aiding the effort.


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