Daily Distance #1: Cook An Elaborate Breakfast or Lunch

Hey goal getters, and welcome to a new daily series from the creators of #WeGotGoals. I’m Kristen Geil, editor-in-chief of aSweatLife.com. 

We know a LOT is changing, and fast, and the uncertainty, the change in routine, and the social distancing can be a lot for a brain to handle.

That’s why we decided to use this feed to bring you one daily goal you can set for yourself during this chaotic time- one actionable thing you can do to move your body, connect with a friend, prioritize your mental health, and practice a little bit of self-care. 

Everyone is looking for any way to feel better right now, and we hope this little mini-series will improve your day in some small, measurable way. We’re calling this little interlude the “Daily Distance,” and we’re collaborating with friends of aSweatLife to get a diverse set of perspectives in hopes that you’ll find at least one idea to improve your mindset and your day. 

Want to be featured? Email me! Kristen at asweatlife.com. In the meantime, here’s my tip:

Cook a goddamn FEAST for breakfast or lunch. The time for intermittent fasting has passed. You need fuel to stay healthy, and you need an activity to distract you- something that takes longer than pouring cereal into a bowl (although I’ll totally confess to comfort-buying Cinnamon Toast Crunch last night).

I love this idea because it takes a pretty mundane activity- feeding yourself- and makes it an EVENT. You get to get creative. Don your Alison Roman hat and find a way to combine anchovies with a savory breakfast salad, or grab those dusty red lentils from the back of the pantry and make up a stew to use them in. Got a beloved multi-step recipe that you always crave but shy away from because gosh, it takes so much time? It’s now or never, listeners. 

Personally, I did this twice today: I made an acai bowl for breakfast, which almost tricked me into thinking I was breaking my fast at Real Good or Graze. Then, I channeled that momentum into putting my own spin on an internet-famous recipe from Alison Roman- #thestew. I feel super accomplished, and I feel nourished from the inside out. Plus, I literally have all the time in the world to actually do the dishes and clean up after myself.

So, tomorrow, I challenge you to set this small daily goal: cook yourself an actual breakfast or lunch that feels fancy or exciting – if you need ideas, we have tons of recipes on asweatlife.com.. And, take a picture of us and tag us @asweatlife so we can drool from a distance. 

We’ll see you on the internet tomorrow, goal-getters, for more tips from our community. Until then, stay safe, and cheers to going the distance together.

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