2/25: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at Brick CrossFit for #Sweatworking

Sweatworking_Brick(Get your tickets to #Sweatworking here)

We’ve hosted #Sweatworking for three years across Chicago. As we decide where to host #Sweatworking next, we look for new ways to work out together and new ways to challenge you.

Brick CrossFit in the loop has all of the toys – everything from rowers to kettlebells to rigs to TrueForm treadmills (the treadmills that don’t use any power except for your running legs). And because it’s a CrossFit gym, there’s a time of year when things get a little competitive for the games. We’re landing at Brick just in time for competition season.

We love some healthy competition, but we always want to connect you to a team, so we’re going for some team-work dream-work at this event rather than individual competition.

While you’re working in team, don’t freak out that “CrossFit” is in the name of the gym. This won’t be a CrossFit workout – there will be elements of CrossFit, but the challenges we’ll face will be modeled after the B|X and B|Fit workout Brick offers and you won’t be doing any olympic lifting.

Now that you’re excited, here’s what to expect: You and your team will complete four mini workouts – each running about 20 minutes with a little time to rest between. This is meant to be challenging yet scalable, so don’t worry if you want to be a part of the games but are just starting out on your fitness journey.

After the workout, True Food Kitchen will be at Brick with snacks to help you refuel after sweating your face off.

Where? We’re taking over Brick CrossFit at 50 East Adams Street

When? February 25 at 12 pm, this event will be a bit longer as we do 4 different 20-minute workouts, so plan to be sweating until 2 pm.

Why? Everything is better with friends and so everything is better with a team.

But will there be food? TrueFood Kitchen will be there with post-workout fuel!

How do I sign up? Right here, thanks for asking!

Let us know!