#Sweatworking at Studio Lagree February 21
  • February 3, 2017
  • studio lagree

    Grab a ticket to #Sweatworking here.

    There’s really only one sentence that sums up Studio Lagree: We love to hate it.

    We couldn’t get enough of it during #SweatworkingWeek – more importantly, we couldn’t fit everyone from the waitlist into class. So, we’re heading back for more and devoting a full #Sweatworking event to the new location in River North.

    The River North Studio Lagree location holds 14 Megaformers. These devices deliver the studio’s preferred form of torture – the Lagree method – and work muscles in unimaginable ways and in just a matter of seconds. Your lunges’ intensity will be amplified, making them feel more effective when compared to doing a million reps of similar exercises on the boring, old ground.

    Experiencing the Lagree Method through #SweatworkingWeek was the perfect intro to a new format when we visited the studio during our recent week-long event. If you haven’t experienced it and have heard stories about being “weird-sore” or sore for days, know that you’ll walk out of this class feeling worked in just 50 minutes.

    And afterwards, we’ll head to sweetgreen for a full complimentary dinner!

    We’ll see you on the Megaformer!


    When: Tuesday, February 21 at 7:30 pm

    Where: Studio Lagree in River North at 24 East Erie Street

    How do I sign up? Here!