Subscription Box Farm to People Delivers Healthy Snacks

(Disclaimer: Farm to People sent us a sample box of goodies to try. As always, we only write about products and brands we love.)

We’ve been interested in the deal with food labels lately. When terms like “organic” and “all natural” get thrown around with such ease, it’s hard to know what we’re actually putting into our bodies.

When I found Farm to People, an online artisanal food market and tasting box subscription, I was curious. I’d never tried a tasting box with the high standards that Farm to People advertised. Would this company live up to its promise of transparency and giving small-batch producers an avenue for selling unique food?

After trying the foods and digging into the company, I’m convinced that they do.

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Farm to People sent me these goodies from the paleo and vegan menus. I’m still participating in the Whole Life Challenge and for the most part, everything is compliant with the Lifestyle level regulations. I was beyond excited when I realized this and happily tried everything in the box.

Snacks ranged from savory to sweet, including lotus root chips, Chickpeatos and in-shell pistachios, and 100% dark chocolate, pineapple fruit leather, cashew butter & vanilla dark chocolate bar (literally everything about the name of this makes my mouth water) and cinnamon red maca sprouted almond butter.

If you’re looking for a snack that will both satisfy your sweet tooth and fill you up, that cinnamon almond butter is like an answer sent straight from heaven. My main criteria when looking for all my “non-meal” foods (as I like to call them) is they have to be at least a little bit substantial or satisfying enough for my sweet tooth. If it’s a combination of the two, then all the better.

Using the Farm to People site was incredibly easy for me. I searched what I was looking for – “paleo” and “gluten-free”  – but you can browse by your snacking or cooking needs. And once you select an item, you can view a full list of ingredients and a bio showcasing who makes the product, as well as what other goods come from that seller.

Farm to People offers food and lifestyle products – from cooking sauces and wine, to kitchen accessories and candles – and even products for pets.

Just a couple days after placing my order I got a box in the mail with a hand written note and everything wrapped individually with care.


Have you tried a subscription box? What’s your favorite?

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