[CLOSED] This Michelob ULTRA Giveaway Will Get You Moving This Summer

This giveaway is now closed. We’ll reach out to the winner shortly!

An afternoon spent Rollerblading down a waterfront path. A pick-up game of soccer that breaks out after a picnic. Seeing how fast you can sprint down your block just to feel the wind in your hair. A spontaneous dance party. Realizing that you can, in fact, do a full push-up. A morning of playing pickleball that stretches into the afternoon.

For too long, women have been fed the message that exercise is a punishment for eating or a method for shrinking our bodies to take up less space. But if you asked us today what our perfect exercise routines would consist of, our answer would be less about the specific exercise modality and more about how it makes us feel. Anything that makes us feel strong, joyful, and pleasantly winded? We’re in. But fitness classes that prey on insecurity and promote a diet-culturey idea that we’re only sweating to fit a certain aesthetic ideal? Pass.

This summer, we’re all about making exercise fun, joyful, and social – just like we’re doing at #SweatworkingWeek in Chicago right now. One of our favorite ways to build fun into a workout? Putting some Michelob ULTRA on ice so it’s ready for that post-sweat cooldown. Like ULTRA, we believe that it’s only worth it if you enjoy it – a philosophy that applies to light beer just as much as it applies to workouts. 

To help you find the fun in movement this summer, we’re partnering with Michelob ULTRA for a giveaway. Enter below for a chance to win an Apple Watch and a 6-pack of Michelob ULTRA to help you bring the party to any way you want to move this summer. Must be 21+ to enter.

Enter this Michelob ULTRA giveaway here!



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A native of Lexington, Kentucky, Kristen moved to Chicago in 2011 and received her MA in Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse from DePaul while trying to maintain her southern accent. Kristen grew up playing sports, and since moving to Chicago, she’s fallen in love with the lakefront running path and the lively group fitness scene. Now, as a currently retired marathoner and sweat junkie, you can usually find her trying new workouts around the city and meticulously crafting Instagram-friendly smoothie bowls. Kristen came on to A Sweat Life full-time in 2018 as Editor-in-Chief, and she spends her days managing writers, building content strategy, and fighting for the Oxford comma.

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  1. Just what the Dr ordered! Seriously, my daughter has wanted to get me a Apple Watch since I’m having balance issues and trying to work on recovery from 2 spine surgeries! I would love to win and celebrate with a six pack to top it all off!!

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