This Yearlong Cookbook Challenge Offered Reflections Beyond the Kitchen

The best laid plans…

Covid-19, the Destroyer or Constructor of Plans?

What is the impact on our mental health when our best laid life plans go awry?

Acroyoga: A Partner Practice of Graceful Communication

The power of partner poses goes beyond the mat (even in these socially distant times).

How I Maintained Wellness During My Government Quarantine in China

Our international correspondent in China writes from a government quarantine with tips on maintaining wellness indoors.

Life in the Times of Covid-19: Reflections from Yoga Camp

Our international correspondent reflects on what yoga has to teach us about leaning in to discomfort, to ourselves, and to our communities.

The Candida Cleanse: Restoring Balance in Your Microbiome

The dance that bacteria do in your gut has an effect on more than you might think. Here’s how to address the party if the bad bacteria has begun to break-dance in your belly and set the stage for the healthy bacteria to shine.

Tips for Waking Up to Work Out in the Morning

What happens when an afternoon robin tries life as an early bird? Read on to see one writer’s thoughts on changing up the workout hour.

Is Going Vegan a Game Changer For Your Health?

Before rushing out to buy grass-fed steaks or Beyond Meat patties, read this.

What it’s Like to be an Expat in China During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Our China correspondent writes about what daily life is like in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

How to Use Yoga for Long Flights

Jet-setting this holiday? Be a mile high yogi with these asanas

Notes from a Whole Bowls Belly: Four Months into a Yearlong Cookbook Challenge

After 15 weeks, an update on the Whole Bowls cooking challenge and a revelation that anything important is worth a little effort.

Windmills and a Workout in The Netherlands

In Amsterdam, we found serenity in the windmills and energy in High Studios, a rhythm-based high intensity interval class.


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