A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a DIY Triathlon

If you’ve ever considered competing in a triathlon, a DIY Triathlon is a great way to test your training. Here’s how to create your own.

How To Define Your Inner Athlete

What’s your definition of an athlete? For Dani, it’s not “runner,” “triathlete” or “CrossFitter” – instead, it means getting out there & giving it her all.

How To Lean On Your Fitness Community To Get Through Injury and Illness

Your fitness community might not be the obvious place to turn when you’re injured or sick, but it’s been there for this writer when she needed it most.

What Happened When I (Basically) Stopped Wearing Makeup

This writer spent a month with no makeup in her daily routine. This is what she noticed and what surprised her most.

Not Your Everyday Activewear: These Brands Are Out To Do Good

These smaller activewear brands are on a mission to help people stay healthy, feel good and give back.

How To Fuel Up For Long Bike Rides This Summer

From easy to carry to the perfect combination of carbs and protein, these snacks are great options to pack on bike rides to stay fueled & energized.

Indoor Cycling: Are You Metrics or Emotionally-Driven?

Since the first indoor cycling classes appeared in 1993, there have been many developments to what we’ll encounter in a class. Here’s the breakdown.

Is Home Decor The Next Athleisure?

Studios like Mirepoix Mercantile exemplify how gym aesthetics and home decor draw on each other as they seek symbiotic success.

Relieve Stress During Your Workday With These Desk Items

Getting away from you desk frequently to relieve stress isn’t always an option. Keep these items at your desk to combat stress & feel more calm from 9 – 5.

Five Ways to Sweat for Charity Next Week in Chicago

These are just a few ways to get involved with a good cause next week while also getting a workout in – all happening next week in Chicago.

Measuring Your PRs With Strava

Tracking running & cycling PRs with Strava has become this writer’s favorite way to challenge herself – and she’s bringing aSweatLife along for the ride.

Are You Progressing?

Switching up your workouts often helps keep your routine from getting stale, but with constantly changing workouts, what can you use to track your progress?


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