How Jillian Lorenz Built The Barre Code, a Fitness Empire that Empowers Women

Jillian Lorenz, co-CEO of The Barre Code, reflects on how The Barre Code changed studio fitness and how she balances being a mom and a business woman.

These Four Chicagoans Are Using Fitness to Make a Big Difference in Their Communities—and You Can Help Them

We gathered the panelists from our recent #SweatworkingWeek: Perspectives in Equity panel to continue the conversation around using fitness as a catalyst for change.

How Dr. Mark Cucuzzella Goes Slow to Go Fast—Really Fast

On the podcast, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella talks marathon training, his method of open-minded self-experimentation, and his refusal to blindly accept conventional wisdom.

#WeGotGoals Holiday Remix: Learning from Amanda McGrory’s Mindset Shifts All Over Again

This December, we’re taking a fresh look at old podcast episodes. First up — Cindy explains why Jeana’s interview with Amanda McGrory resonated with her.

Goose Island’s Tim Faith Spills His Secrets to Creative Brewing and Fast Running

In this episode of #WeGotGoals, Cindy Kuzma learns how Goose Island brewer Tim Faith continually tweaks his recipe for success.

Denise Sauriol Uses Cumulative Courage to Go After Her Goals

On this live podcast, we headed back to the Hotel Moxy to soak up some pre-Chicago Marathon run-spiration from Denise Sauriol, the “marathon whisperer.”

Join us for a live recording of our podcast #WeGotGoals, with Marathon Whisperer Denise Sauriol

Join us for a live recording of our podcast #WeGotGoals, with Marathon Whisperer Denise Sauriol.

Our Podcast Guests Inspired Us to Try New Things and Revisit Old Passions—Here’s What We Learned

How hip-hop dancing, improv, live music, and sushi helped us redefine success—and ourselves.

How Triathlon Coach Sharone Aharon Helps Athletes Climb to New Peaks of Success

Sharone Aharon, triathlete and owner of Well-Fit Performance, is helping his clients reach new peaks — and he won’t let any “mosquitos” get in his way.

What We’ve Learned About Success from Talking About Failure

On Episode 62 of #WeGotGoals, we spend a host-ful episode talking about failure and how certain failures have ultimately led our guests (and us) to success.

7 Lessons Late July’s Nicole Bernard Dawes Taught Us About Goals

Goals drive nearly everything Nicole Bernard Dawes, founder and CEO of Late July Snacks, does. And she’s not afraid to lay them all on the line.

Jordan Hasay Aims for the Race She Was Born to Run

Professional distance runner Jordan Hasay was expected to compete for first in the 2018 Boston Marathon — but then, disaster struck.


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