Start Small and Dream Big: What We Learned About Giving Back on the #WeGotGoals podcast

In our last hostful episode of season 3, the four co-hosts of #WeGotGoals look back on the ways guests made tiny (or big) changes to earth—and inspired us to do the same.

Anne Mahlum of [solidcore] Will Never Live Life in the Middle

Why, and how, this entrepreneur walked away from the successful non-profit Back on My Feet to start something new.

How Pinole Blue’s Eddie Sandoval Is Spreading a Family Tradition While Supporting a Tribe of Ultrarunners

Eddie Sandoval finds a way to bring a taste of home to Wichita with Pinole Blue.

How Sarah Neukom and Matt Woodburn Elevate Non-Profits, Artists, and Each Other

Purpose-driven, luxurious experiences that have heart—that’s what you can expect from an event by these co-founders.

Contributing Generously on the #WeGotGoals podcast

On this episode of the #WeGotGoals podcast, the four co-hosts wrap up the last set of guests with “better, faster, stronger” goals & discuss what contributing generously means to them.

How Jillian Bell and Paul Downs Colaizzo Take Small Steps Toward Big Goals—and How the Marathon has Changed All of Us

Cindy talks to Jillian Bell and Paul Colaizzo of “Brittany Runs A Marathon” about their big goals.

Cyclebar’s Tevia Celli on the Transformative Power of Group Fitness

“I have to make sure I’m as centered and balanced as I can be, no matter what comes my way.”

Getting Better, Faster, and Stronger on the #WeGotGoals podcast

On this hostful episode of #WeGotGoals, we wrap up the “Building a Better Earth” series of episodes and kick off our “Better, Faster, Stronger” focus.

Water Guardian Debra Shore Builds Coalitions to Protect Our Most Vital Resource—and You Can Help

On this week’s #WeGotGoals, Debra Shore, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, implores us to be more thoughtful about how we use and protect water.

How Ale Breuer and Kim Marsh of Ezza Nails Are Launching a Beauty Revolution

ezza nails co-founders Ale Breuer and Kim Marsh are passionate about driving “the nail care revolution.”

How Robyn LaLonde of EDGE Athlete Lounge Created “Cheers for Athletes”

Robyn LaLonde and husband Brian built a space where athletes can “do hard things together,” she tells us.

How Runstreet’s Marnie Kunz Creates an Artistic, Athletic Community

When was the last time you really noticed the street art on your running route? Marnie Kunz wants to change that.