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They stand guard over our water supply, ensure the seafood we take from it is sustainable, and produce yoga mats, socks, skin care, and more in environmentally and socially conscious ways.

The guests we welcomed to #WeGotGoals for our recent segment on creating a better earth inspired us with their passion and creativity. While climate change remains *the* challenge of our time, we’re grateful to them for their efforts to address it.

As Jeana, Kristen, Maggie, and I explain on this week’s hostful episode, these goal-getters reminded us that every small action counts. For one thing, tiny steps collectively produce bigger changes. What’s more, these shifts to our routines encourage us to be more mindful about our place in the world around us.

We share the recommendations for everyday action that resonated with us, including:

  • Connecting with the natural world so you’re more aware and conscious of your place in it
  • Considering what resources you can share, rather than having to own individually, from clothes to cars
  • Asking questions of the brands you’re buying about how they’re approaching sustainability
  • Conserving water when you can, whether that’s through low-flow toilets or not running your dishwasher/washing machine until they’re full

And, we reported back on our own eco-conscious goals for the month. I mostly succeeded in taking Divvy for short trips (though I realized five miles is a bit farther than I realized). Kristen reduced her Lyft budget; Maggie used her own silverware—and coffee mug—more often; and Jeana consciously cut down her meat consumption.

Even if we didn’t the exact dollar figures or numbers we’d laid out, we all made progress—and armed with the information we’ve gained in the process, are inspired to continue these efforts.

As we head into the next quarter, we’re excited to talk with guests who touch on the theme Better, Faster, Stronger. We have an exciting lineup planned, from fitness industry insiders to film actors and directors to business leaders—all people working to stay at the top of their game, literally and figuratively. 

Through all our conversations with high achievers over these past two-plus years, we already know achieving these types of goals takes not only hard work, but also a balance of recovery (in the equation popularized by authors Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness, stress plus rest equals growth).

On this ep, you’ll hear us talk through our highlight reels—from boxing gyms to weightlifting competitions to swimming pools and boardrooms—and outline our own Bigger, Faster, Stronger goals for the season ahead. 

Jeana, for instance, wants to build a chain of healthy routines into her workdays, so she shows up her best for herself and her team. Maggie—now fresh off her first triathlon experience—plans to tackle another. Kristen hopes to bring mindfulness into her workouts. And me? I hope to better my writing career by putting more pitches out there, so I can get more used to rejection along with increasing my chances of more wins.

Of course, we’ll update you on how we fare with all these goals by the end of the quarter. And meanwhile, we want to know: What does Better, Faster, Stronger mean to you? And how can YOU aim to master the stress plus rest equation to achieve your most amibitous goals?

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