29 Must-Have Amazon Prime Day Deals

It is the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas or the holidays, though you could start prepping for the shopping season. Hey, that is why we have Christmas in July after all! Oh and if you are a parent, no, it is not the back-to-school season, though it is getting close. (Sorry, kids). It is Amazon Prime Day!

Today and tomorrow (July 12th and July 13th) you can shop some of the best Prime Day deals Amazon has to offer. Not sure what to put in your shopping cart? We have a few ideas for you. 29 to be exact.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

1. 4505 Meats

This Amazon Prime Day, if you love meat then you are going to want to stock up on the deals offered by 4505 Meats. From butcher snacks to pork rinds, 4505 Meats has everything you need for all of your summertime snacking needs.

2. Aura Bora

Looking for a new sparkling water? Take a sip of Aura Bora. This heavenly sparkling water is made from herbs, flowers, and fresh fruits with a focus on wacky and weird flavor combinations that are addictively delicious. This Amazon Prime Day, enjoy 15% off 18-count Variety Pack and 20% off 12-count cases.

3. Beekeeper’s Naturals

What is all of the buzz about Beekeeper’s Naturals? Only that it is a total wellness staple in any household. (Mine included). If you want to see for yourself why this brand is so buzz-worthy, check them out this Amazon Prime Day and enjoy 35% off of all of their products including a 36% off lightning deal on their B.Fueled Bee Pollen.

Shopping Tip: My personal favorites are the B. Biome, propolis, and the superfood honey. Honestly, we cannot go wrong with any of their products. 

4. Belgian Boys

Do you want to take a trip to Europe, but do not even want to deal with the whole airport situation right now? Forget your passport and stay local all while enjoying the taste of Belgian Boys‘ European-inspired cookies and scrumptious treats.

This Amazon Prime Day, Belgian Boys will be offering $3 off their popular Lemon Tarts and Stroofwafel Duo and $2 off Butter Almond Cakes, Mini Cookie Stash, Mini Stroopwafel, Raspberry Tarts, and Speculoos.

5. BelliWelli

Got gut issues? (Who doesn’t these days). Whether you are trying a low-FODMAP lifestyle or looking for a more mindful snack that will not trigger any digestive woes, try a bar of BelliWelli. During Amazon Prime Day, enjoy 30% off all products and if you missed the main event, do not worry, they are also offering 20% off all their products through July 18, 2022.

6. Blake’s Seed Based

Looking for allergy-friendly snacks? Try Blake’s Seed Based. From savory and spicy sunflower seeds to delicious Vegan Rice Crispy Treats, Blake’s Seed Based has something for everyone and with 20% off all of their products, we are sure you will find something you and your tastebuds will love. Just be sure to use code SYC76U5A at check out to apply their discount.

7. Blue Circle

Have you been considering switching over to a pescatarian lifestyle? Well, this is your opportunity to stock up on some seafood options. Blue Circle ships responsibly sourced seafood to doorsteps nationwide. For Amazon Prime Day, they will be offering $5 off their 8oz smoked salmon. Yum!

8. Bobo’s

Bobo’s the maker of wholesome, simple 100% whole grain oat bars and bites is offering Amazon Prime users 30% off the entire line of Bobo’s products including delicious oat bats, Toaster Pastries, Stuff’d Bites, and so much more. Check them out for yourself! Your taste buds will thank you.

9. Brewista

Skip the overpriced coffee cafes and expensive store-bought beverages and whip up your very own culinary creations with Brewista. Channel your inner barista and make handcrafted coffees on the daily with their coffee kettles, scales, and other accessories.

This Amazon Prime Day, their entire product catalog is 20% off with the exception of kettles, but do not worry. If you are interested in a kettle (or two), you can enjoy 10% off their entire line of kettles.

10. CanDo

Amazon Prime Day is the perfect excuse to find out what makes CanDo’s Keto Krisp protein bars the #1-Rated Keto Bars on Amazon. During Amazon Prime Day, CanDo will be offering 40% off all of their products. I repeat, all of their products, but the fun does not stop there. For Translation? Now is the perfect time to stock up. Road trip snack anyone?

12. Fila Manila

Interested in ancestral eats and trying out some authentic Filipino simmer sauces? Stock your pantry with Fila Manila‘s authentic Filipino simmer sauces that include Banana Ketchup, Caldererta (Filipino Zesty Tomato Sauce), Filipino Adobo, Filipino Spicy Adobo, and Kare Kare (Filipino Tangy Peanut Sauce). The best part, besides being delicious, the brand is offering 30% off all of its products for Amazon Prime Day.

13. Fillo’s

All about those ancestral eats? (Yeah, we know, grandma and grandpa knew what was up). Stock up another brand that is no stranger to keeping traditions fresh – Fillo‘s. Reimagined Latin American classics have deliciously been transformed into a modern-day bean and rice shelf-stable packets that are perfect for dinner or a side dish.

Inspired by family recipes that Fillo’s founders grew up eating, each pouch is packed with fiber and protein, making for a convenient, healthy, and quick pantry staple. This Amazon Prime Day, enjoy 20% off all of their products.

14. Highkey Snacks

Highkey Snacks, maker of Amazon’s #1 Chocolate Chip Cookie, will be offering at least 20% off all cookie flavors and crackers, 20% off prime discounts on all products (except Protein Crispies), and 20% on its new Chocolate Pearls. Let the shopping…begin!

15. Kalahari Biltong, Stryve, Vacadillos

Okay, okay, this is like three brands in one, but if you are a carnivore, then gather around because this Amazon Prime Day deal is for all of you meat lovers out there. This Amazon Prime Day stock up on your favorite air-dried, protein-packed meat snacks for summer with 20% off Kalahari, Stryve, and Vacadillos, perfect for your next road trip or summer hike out on the trails.

16. Lil Bucks

Need a little crunch, but are so sick of granola? Try Lil Bucks! This sprouted buckwheat is crunchy, gluten-free, and the ultimate superfood. The perfect topping for overnight oats, smoothies, yogurts and so much more. Enjoy 20% off all of their products, right here.

17. Magic Spoon

If you are feeling nostalgic and are craving a childhood classic, pour yourself a bowl of cereal with Magic Spoon. High protein, low carb, and zero sugar, these cereals are reminiscent of your childhood favorites, but are made with way better ingredients. This Amazon Prime Day, enjoy 25% (or $11) off of their 4-pack of Cocoa, Frosted, Fruity, and Peanut Butter flavors.

18. Melinda’s

For those that like to keep things saucy, try Melinda’s popular gift sets Taste of Melinda’s and Pepper Sauce Challenge which are both 20% off in honor of Amazon Prime Day. Whether you like hot and mesquite or spicy and sweet, there is a Melinda’s sauce for you and your palette. Plus, these sauces pair well with all of that backyard plant-based grilling. (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

19. Moon Cheese

If you love cheese then you will love Moon Cheese. These snacks are out of this world, but luckily for you, you do not have to board a spaceship to try them.

100% real cheese-dried protein-filled snacks are low in carbs and sugar and are completely shelf-stable. That means no refrigeration is needed. This Amazon Prime Day, Moon Cheese will be giving $3 off on some of three of their Variety Packs: 5pk Variety 2oz, 10pk Variety 2oz, and 2pack 10oz Cheddar.

20. Mozaics

Veggie chips are a great go-to snack and if you are looking for a new brand to try, give Mozaics a try. Gluten-free and made with pea protein, these crispy chips are real veggie chips you can feel good about eating. Just do not forget to share!

21. The New Primal

Looking for something new this Amazon Prime Day? How about The New Primal? (See what I did there). From sauces to spices to meat stick snacks, there is an Amazon Prime Day Deal for every cupboard in your kitchen. Simply stock them up with The New Primal.

22. Petaluma

Umm, hello. Amazon Prime Day is not just for humans, it is also for man’s best friend! Just in time for Amazon Prime Day, Petaluma‘s Sweet Potato Jerky is 20% off. These organic chews are an eco-friendly replacement for conventional dog treats made from organically grown sweet potatoes.

The Sweet Potato Jerky is sustainably sourced from a small farm in North Carolina before being dehydrated and packaged in certified home and industrial compostable materials.

Fun fact: Dogs need an average of 1-5 minutes to eat one of these sweet potato chews — just enough time to serve as a nutrient-dense distraction from the doorbell or cat outside. Adding to cart…now.

23. Seapoint Farms

Craving something crunchy? TrySeapoint Farms Mighty Lil’ Crunchy Corn. Available in two naturally gluten-free and Vegan flavors, Pink Himalayan Salt and Zesty Ranch, this snack is crunchy on the outside and light and airy on the inside. Seasoned to perfection and made with non-GMO corn to satisfy any snacking craving. This Amazon Prime Day, enjoy 20% off any Mighty Lil’ Crunchy Corn bundles.

24. Solely

Traditional jerky just got a whole lot fruitier with Solely. For Amazon Prime Day, save 20% on Solely’s Organic Fruit Jerky (individual strips and variety packs) and save 20% on their Organic Dried Fruit line. Fruit jerky FTW!

25. SkinnyDipped

Calling all chocolate connoisseurs. This one is for you. If you have a sweet tooth, then stock up on SkinnyDipped. These insanely delicious snacks are plant-based and are made with real ingredients and way less sugar. Choose from chocolate-covered nuts, peanut butter cups, and so much more. Oh yeah, and enjoy 20% off all bundles and products during Amazon Prime Day.

26. Three Wishes Cereal

Cannot get enough of that childhood nostalgia? Pour yourself another bowl of cereal with Three Wishes Cereal Gluten-free, grain-free, high in protein, and low in sugar, this better-for-you cereal actually tastes like your childhood favorites.

Oh, and while regular cereal is typically nutrient-deficient, Three Wishes is different by densely packing nutrients from chickpeas, pea protein, and tapioca. Flavors include Cinnamon, Cocoa, Frosted, Fruity, Honey, and unsweetened varieties as well. This Amazon Prime Day, enjoy 20% Off 3-Packs and 6-Packs. Cereal spoons up!

27. Twinings

It is tea time and that means you will need a mug of the best brew. Enter Twinings. Twinings is a vibrant wellbeing drinks brand that delivers premium teas with high-quality taste by sourcing the world’s finest herbs, fruits, and teas. This Amazon Prime Day, get 15% off select larger packs of K-Cups and teas.

28. Veggicopia

If you find yourself constantly on the go, but still want to enjoy the delicious taste of your favorite flavors of olives, stock up on Veggicopia Conveniently packaged snack olives and veggie dips, Veggicopia pairs perfectly with your other favorite snacks like crackers, pita bread, or pretzels.

29. Vital Proteins

Yeah, I am not going to lie, my mom texted me first thing this morning and all she could say was Vital Proteins Marine Collagen – $22. (Pause for reaction). Yeah, I know, it is quite the deal. Whether you are looking for Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, or are simply stocking up for yourself, buy, buy, buy! Like all of them, right now. Go!

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