Why You Should Embrace Silence (and How to Do It)

Shhh…silence is important. Here’s why.

4 Very Good Reasons to Make a To-Do List

I love to-do lists. I’m not talking about a basic fondness for to-do lists, I mean I really have an affinity for to-do lists. In grammar school, on our first […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Canning

Canning season is here, so it’s time to channel your inner Martha Stewart.

How to Add Yin and Yang Foods Into Your Life

Feeling off? Try eating some yin and yang foods.

11 Back-to-Office Snacks for Your Deskside Pantry

Back to the office? Yeah, we’re going to need some snacks.

An Open Letter to the Man Who Jilted Me

If you’ve ever been ghosted, this one’s for you.

The Best Sleep Positions for a More Comfortable Snooze

Lay awake counting sheep? Try a new position.

5 Snacks That Are More Satisfying Than You Might Think

The day is just way better with snacks. (Am I right, or am I right?) Snacks are a low-lift way to bridge the gap between meals. They can give you […]

6 Tips to Sleep Soundly Through the Night

Night night, sleep tight.

How to Create the Perfect Charcuterie Board on a Budget

National Wine and Cheese Day is this week. ‘Nuf said.

10 Best Foods and Drinks to Relieve Constipation

For when you’ve gotta go, but you just can’t go.

29 Must-Have Amazon Prime Day Deals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


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