Enter for a Chance to Get a Holiday Do-Over with The Celebrations We Missed

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I recently watched a friend (and friend of aSweatLife) Sarah Spain recreate all of the holidays from 2020 that she and her friends missed together. They called it Do Over Day and I was obsessed with the social media posts that came with it. They created a day for the record books, stopping at a bar for each holiday they wanted to do over. There was a green celebration for St. Patrick’s Day, a very patriotic 4th of July, a Halloween-themed moment – and after 7 total stops, they concluded the day with a New Year’s Eve celebration.

This is what we want for you with the promotion we’ve run all of 2021 with Michelob ULTRA – we want to bring back the celebrations you missed in a way that’s meaningful to you.

So as we wind down the year – I hate even typing that sentence – we’re reminding you that you don’t have to leave the stuff you missed in the past. Why not get a do over?

Enter for a chance to win The Celebrations We Missed with Michelob ULTRA and tell us what you want to do over. Is Halloween your all-time favorite holiday? Did you miss the fleeting opportunity to dress as the quickly irrelevant Carole Baskin? Was it Thanksgiving when you tried to make your grandma’s cornbread and just royally forked it up?

What do you have to lose? Enter for a chance to win!

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  1. The past two years were horrible I had all my Christmases and Christmas Eve with my family to Christmas is without my family was horrible. My birthday is on Halloween and to not celebrate my birthday with my family has also been told. This year I will be 70 on Halloween and I still can’t celebrate it with some of my family because they’re older like I am and they’re still keeping themselves in quarantine. Be nice to celebrate it really would again to be with family I miss every single one of my family.

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