Hear How Your Inner Babe’s Founder Jacq Gould Sees No Goal as Too Big to Say Aloud

Jacq Gould

Meet Jacqueline Gould, wellness coach and shining individual who knows exactly who she is and where her true north lies. Gould’s journey onto the #WeGotGoals podcast began in quite the opposite state, however, as she describes her past as one where she had “zero self-worth.”

I interviewed Gould about the path that led her to founding a company in which she aims to reach girls and women everywhere to help them light their fire, or as she likes to call, ignite their own “inner babe.”

On the episode, you’ll hear us talk about some pivotal moments in Gould’s young life that led her to founding the company, like her experience in a clinical outpatient program which did ultimately help her overcome an eating disorder, but still left her feeling lonely and unseen.

“I know it’s because I didn’t have that person back then who could really look me in the eye and be like, ‘I see you,'” Gould told me during our chat.

This realization led Gould to becoming a certified coach. Now, she works with women who have therapists or those who are just looking for coaching, to help them find their “inner babes.”

“Think of Your Inner Babe as self connection – that uniqueness, that magic. That is your Babe. We have to find her, we have to ignite her, and we have to set that bitch free.”

We also talked about just how relatable the idea of the “inner babe” is. At first, Gould imagined working solely with girls who fell into the age and demographic from where she drew on her own personal experiences to create the brand and the program. But she quickly learned that this type of coaching program could help women of any age and at any stage in their lives.

So when she talked about where Your Inner Babe is headed, her big, scary goal to say aloud (which actually doesn’t scare her at all, as you’ll hear in the episode) is to reach as many women as possible.

In fact, she practices a type of journaling activity that involves writing her own future biography. She’ll write her future accomplishments in the present tense and in the third person, as though someone else was already writing about the big things she’s done.

This tactic, she told me, is a shift from her old ways of dreaming too small. After a teacher scolded her for dreaming unrealistically she listened for too long. But now, post-creation of Your Inner Babe, she tells herself, “Hey Jacq, dream bigger. Go bigger.”

In this way, Gould is quite literally shaping her own narrative and laying the groundwork for her own success. Gould works with women anywhere, Chicago local or by FaceTime around the country.

Listen to the whole episode to hear more powerful conversation from Jacq Gould, the inspiration for Your Inner Babe, and what you can do to tap into yours. And if you liked this episode, please subscribe to #WeGotGoals on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or any other podcasting app, and while you’re at it, leave us a rating or a review. Special thanks to Ryan Deffet for editing this episode!


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