Try a Sweat at State workout at Home and stop in for 3 free classes

What’s challenging me to get fitter lately? Sweat on State, a high intensity workout that uses light weights and body weight to tone and build lean muscle and endurance. I’m obsessed.

If you’re intrigued, you can stop in  to the turf-floored gym at 1165 N. State and try three free classes in your first seven days at the gym. If you’re keeping track, that’s a $72 value. Nervous to try a new, intense workout? Try it at home.

Here’s your workout, explained by the owner of Sweat on State, Katie. Set a timer for 20 minutes, and go through the four sets of exercises as many times as you can in 20 minutes. Keep track of the number of rounds you complete. When you’re ready to check you progress in a few weeks, repeat the workout and try to beat your original number. Check your form and try this workout at home. If you don’t have weights, just grab two full water bottles instead.

Sweat on State workout

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If you asked yourself the question, “What’s a burpee?” watch Katie’s explanation.

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CrossFit and Sweat on State squats are a little different than what you may be used to you. See how:

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Ab twists are my absolute favorite core workout at the moment. You’re welcome.

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Work from head-to-toe and do lunges with a bicep curl. Don’t have weights at home? Grab two water bottles and use those instead.

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How long can you plank? Check your form and time yourself!

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