Podcast: What You’re Doing For Fitness and Why Walking is So Hot Right Now

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This month on the podcast, we’re breaking down the intricacies of the State of Fitness Report we published in February. There’s a lot to unpack in all of the historical data we’re comparing and in all of the incredible insights you share with us.

Last week, we talked a lot about your fitness spending habits and this week we’re digging into what you’re doing with your precious time that’s dedicated to movement.

Because we want to evaluate how far we’ve swung back on the pendulum, we’ll be doing a lot of comparison and contrast between 2022 data, our 2021 survey, the mid-2020 pandemic survey, and pre-pandemic numbers.

We take data-driven guesses on why walking is the number one fitness format, whether cycling will make a come-back to pre-COVID numbers, and why we’re all picking up heavy things again.

Hot takes on this episode:

  • Yoga Teacher Training is a pyramid scheme. (Don’t @ us – we’re not the first to say this)
  • “Walking has cauliflower’s publicist.”
  • A lot of women got into the true crime thing, thus, Dana guesses, there is more interest in strength
  • We would welcome men to walk in hoards (like women in groups like Chicago Girls Walk and City Girls Who Walk) if – and only if – they wear crop tops and crocs.



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