Podcast: How to Build a Better Body Image with Amy Potter

Welcome to Season 8 of #WeGotGoals, the podcast by aSweatLife.com. We’re doing things a little differently this season, featuring topics from our crew of expert writers, responding to moments in pop culture, or whatever the hell we feel like talking about.

This week, we’re talking about body image … and since our team is practically all female and a lot of our readers and ambassadors are female, we’re going to be referencing body image for women – although we know men deal with their own complicated set of body image stuff too.

This week, you’ll hear from Amy Potter, an aSweatLife Ambassador, Professional trainer and the author of the article on aSweatLife.com that inspired this week’s episode: 7 Steps to Build a Better Body Image. That’s the kind of how-to content we need more of in our lives.



About Jeana Anderson Cohen

Jeana Anderson Cohen is the founder and CEO of asweatlife.com a premiere wellness media destination that creates content and community to help womxn live better lives and achieve their goals. Before founding health-focused companies Jeana earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison - and fresh out of college she worked on the '08 Obama campaign in Michigan. From there, she created and executed social media strategies for brands. aSweatLife fuses her experience in building community and her passion for wellness. You can find Jeana leading the team at aSweatLife, trying to join a book club, and walking her dog Maverick.

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