What is Hypnotism, and Should You Try It?

It feels as if hypnotism is making a resurgence as a popular form of therapy. No one knows this better than Kimberly Friedmutter. The former actress and radio host turned hypnotherapist has a new book out called Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted. Friedmutter has a slew of celebrity fans including Martha Stewart and Jennifer Hudson who provided blurbs. Lala Kent (who been has going through quite a public period of spiritual growth) even praised the book in a recent Instagram story.

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I spoke with Friedmutter to discuss hypnotism, what is, and how it can help us. If you’ve ever wondered how exactly hypnotism works and if it can help you, this conversation will guide you in the right direction.

What exactly is hypnotism?

A deep sense of relaxation where you are the most open to suggestion. For instance, that floaty feeling you get just before you enter sleep or just before you fully wake up. You may feel you are in a daze or have soft focus.  It’s a natural state we enter many times a day, most commonly referred to as daydreaming or zoning out.

What happens to a person’s mind and body during a hypnotherapy session?

In this relaxed state, conscious thought is reduced and subconscious possibilities open up to suggestion. This is not to say you can be made to do things you would otherwise ‘not’ do; rather you’re able to experience a dimension of thought that is otherwise often overshadowed by the conscious mind. Physically, you experience complete relaxation so much so that you may feel that you have drifted off to sleep. The depth of trance varies from person to person and often session to session; however, the more often one enters a guided trance, the easier it becomes to achieve. 

How does hypnotherapy work and can it work for everyone?

Hypnosis is a natural state, so if you’ve noticed driving on a stretch of highway (consciously unaware of the miles you’ve driven), you were hypnotized.  Listening to your favorite music, you move to the rhythmic beat of the music, entranced. Mesmerized by a child playing with a ball or a cat pawing at a ball of yarn. Gaming, television ads, and more all utilize this part of the mind to get you to engage with their products. Hypnotism is a part of everyday life as we experience it.  Guided hypnotherapy is simply suggesting to the subconscious the positive changes you want to add to your life. 

What is hypnotherapy most useful for and what is the most requested reason for hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can help with behavioral change, perspective shifting, depression, weight gain/loss, fitness goals, sleep issues, addiction, anxiety, learning, performance enhancement, better health, and relationships, among other things.

How can hypnotherapy be a tool to improve both mental health and physical health?

It opens your mind to your own possibilities, intuition, instincts, dreams, expectations you have for your wellbeing, and ecology (what is good for you). It relaxes you enough that the broader knowledge of who you are can shine through whatever you might be going through. Over the years, many notables have utilized hypnosis to find their higher callings, their creative genius within, songs to be written, poetry, inspiration for new inventions and theories that have changed the world.

Tell us a little bit about your new book Subconscious Power

If you have ever wanted to tap into your greatness, this is the book for you.  I developed six principles that take you from wherever you are to the best you have to offer yourself and others by aligning with that broader knowledge of who you are and who you are capable of becoming. 

Who would benefit most from reading it?

I’m known to say ‘if you have a brain, you’re in the game!’  We are all over-taxed with tech, families, social media, work, climate and responsibility.  Doesn’t the idea of reconnecting with yourself sound great? Deeply satisfying? I’ve made that ability to reconnect to the best part of you, easy to do! 

What do you love the most about hypnotherapy as a practice?

What I love most about the subconscious/hypnosis is that it’s 100 percent organic, natural, and sustainable. Not only does it operate with its own power, its power grows with use. It’s completely user-friendly, requires no space or storage, and dyou hold the key! Your subconscious is private to the end user (you) and a constant companion, too.

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