Home Fitness Equipment for Every Budget

From resistance bands to yes, indoor bikes, here’s a variety of home fitness equipment for every budget.

Activewear For Quarantimes And Beyond

Embrace the athleisure—here’s the best activewear for all your Zoom calls.

Should You Try Red Light Therapy?

Is red light therapy a green light go? Here’s what to know about this skin treatment.

What You Need To Know About Supplement Safety

Feeling overwhelmed by hair gummies and detox teas? Here’s what to know about choosing a supplement that’s been fully vetted.

How to Build Your Perfect Morning Routine

Been there, done that tips on creating the perfect morning routine (that you can actually stick to).

“The Biggest Loser” Trainer Steve Cook on How Fitness Culture Has Changed Since the Show Was Last On

“It’s not this cutthroat competition,” the trainer and bodybuilder reveals.

What’s the Difference Between THC and CBD?

Everything you need to know about the difference between THC and CBD, plus how these cannabinoids are popping up on your beauty shelf.

How Alexis Haines is Recovering From Reality as a Drug Counselor and Doula

We interview Alexis Haines (yes, the woman The Bling Ring was based on) about her complete transformation from drug addict to drug counselor.

6 Skincare Resolutions for the New Year

We are fully into January and if your resolutions have more to do with skincare than personal development, no one is going to judge. Whether you are looking to simplify […]

I Loved ClassPass, But I Left It—Here’s Why

In the end, is leaving ClassPass the ultimate sign of the app’s success?

5 Futuristic Wellness Products We Saw at CES 2020

Smart yoga mats?! What a time to be alive.

9 Affordable Activewear Brands

If you’re trying to get fit on a budget, shelling out for expensive classes and gym memberships won’t leave much over for activewear. But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy […]


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