The Fall 2020 Beauty Roundup

Here are the eye shadows, serums, lash extensions, and adorable shower caps we’re loving for fall.

The Best (Inclusive) Fall Fashion This Year

Including new trends we love, like tie-dye sweatsuits, nap dresses, and workout hoops.

Confessions Of A Studio Fitness Junkie: How I Learned To Stop Hating Home Workouts

For someone fully committed to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, my general attitude about working out at home (or anywhere by myself) is really no different than that of a […]

6 Post-Pandemic Wellness Trends We Predict We’ll See Soon

Here’s how wellness has changed during the pandemic and some wellness trend predictions about how it will continue to change in the coming months and likely, years.

10 Must-Haves From The Annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This post contains affiliate links. As always, we only recommend products we know and love ourselves, and you won’t pay anything extra by shopping through our links. Thank you! It’s […]

Beauty Must-Haves For The Summer

It’s a challenging summer for feeling our best. While masks are essential, there’s no denying wearing one can cause skin irritation. Our hair and makeup routines have also changed. So, […]

The Best House Dresses and Coverups of the Summer

Stay comfy, cool and confident with these house dresses.

Anna David Talks About Turning Her Mess Into A Memoir

“I think the more you share about the mess, the more people are going to relate to you.”

Yoga and Yogurt with Supermodel Rachel Hunter

Supermodel and yogi Rachel Hunter shares how yoga has helped her more than ever as she’s been sheltering in place.

Home Fitness Equipment for Every Budget

From resistance bands to yes, indoor bikes, here’s a variety of home fitness equipment for every budget.

Activewear For Quarantimes And Beyond

Embrace the athleisure—here’s the best activewear for all your Zoom calls.

Should You Try Red Light Therapy?

Is red light therapy a green light go? Here’s what to know about this skin treatment.


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