5 Little Ways to Nourish Your Body Every Day

When it comes to feeling your best self, it’s all about how you care for your body—what you feed it, how well you move it, and what kindness you give to it through healthy habits and talk. And nowadays in our hectic lives, it can be hard to give the right amount of time and energy, or even the positivity that’s needed, to give your body some self-love.

five ways to nourish your body

If you’re looking for ways to boost nourishment and treat your body like the temple it is, here are a few suggestions to choose from.

Go to the Doctor

If you’re unsure as to why you’re gaining weight, feeling sluggish or not sleeping, it could mean you’re overdue for a check up and could benefit from a doctor’s set of eyes. Going to the doctor regularly will keep your body in tip-top shape and it’ll provide guidance for living a wholesome, healthy life throughout the years, says Erica Basso, MA, AMFT. It’s also a great way to remember how much you appreciate your body and want to help it thrive.

Move Your Body

“Move your body [in ways you enjoy] — whether that is running, brisk walking, hiking, pilates, yoga, HIIT,” says Basso. Moving will get your blood flowing and your heart rate up, while building stronger muscles, so you can feel proud of your accomplishments and physique.

Regular exercise prevents disease and helps maintain a healthy weight, and that endorphin boost will improve your mood and lead to making better choices in general. Find something that makes you feel alive and stick with it for the best results. And feel free to add some variety, trying new classes and exercises.

Give Yourself a Massage

That’s right, while you can pay the hefty price tag on professional treatments (and they are worth it!), you only have so much dough to spend. Instead, work on giving yourself some self-care through self-massage, as well. “Practice giving yourself massages after a long day. Touching ourselves is a radical form of self-love,” Basso says.

Get some oil or lotion out, light a candle, set some tunes, and maybe open a bottle of wine. Do whatever helps you create a spa oasis right in your home.

Create a Gratitude List

Giving thanks for the healthy, nourishing food you get to eat and the movement and workouts you are able to do with your body’s strength agility, will make you feel so lucky in life and will help you have a peppier outlook.

“Create a gratitude list of every little thing your body does for you. Our bodies are amazing if we are mindful of how they truly serves us on a daily basis,” Basso suggests. Jot down a few things every day to make it a regular habit.

Eat Healthy Foods

Feed your body real, nourishing foods as opposed to junk. “The ultimate act of self love is making yourself a healthy, heart-warming recipe,” Basso affirms. Eating clean foods high in good fats, protein, complex carbs, and other vital nutrients will make you feel your best inside and out.

Yet also indulge a bit and treat yourself well when needed. “Wine and dine yourself! Take yourself on a date,” she encourages. These are ways to nourish your soul, as well as your palate.

If you’re stuck wondering how to give yourself some love and care, look to these tips and see if it makes a difference in your levels of happiness and energy.


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