Five Athletes To Follow on Twitter When You Need #Inspo
  • June 12, 2017
  • Have you been feeling uninspired to hit the gym? Sluggish, perhaps? Maybe you want to work out, but the hot summer weather is making you want to stay within the confines of your air-conditioned apartment.

    It’s easy to fall into this mode. Instead of getting your body moving, you plop down on your couch with your phone and check your social media accounts. But what if the social media you’re using to evade your daily workout could actually inspire you to go outside or pick up some weights?

    Check out these five athletes to follow on Twitter. Not only are they incredibly talented at their given sports, they like to share their inspiration via social media.


    Alexi Pappas — @AlexiPappas

    An Olympic long-distance runner, Pappas is renowned for the way she wears her hair – in a bun high atop her head. In fact, her hairstyle is so beloved that it spurred a parody Twitter account, @AlexiPappasBun. In addition to her athletic pursuits, Pappas herself is a filmmaker and actress best known for the 2016 movie Tracktown.

    If you want some inspiration for working out and achieving your overall life goals, follow Alexi. Her currently pinned tweet is one of my favorites.


    Gabby Douglas — @gabrielledoug

    The world fell in love with Gabby Douglas during the London Olympics in the summer of 2012 when she won the all-around gold medal. Since then, she has written books, and her life was the inspiration behind the Lifetime movie The Gabby Douglas Story. We also remember Douglas from last summer’s Olympic Games in Rio, during which she stayed strong despite receiving harsh criticism on social media.

    She brings that same strength  and encouragement to Twitter.


    Allyson Felix — @allysonfelix 

    Like Alexi Pappas, Allyson Felix is a runner. But unlike the long-distance Pappas, Felix is a sprinter. A four-time Olympian, at last year’s Games she earned the title of the most decorated female athlete in U.S. track and field history. Additionally, Felix is a four-time recipient of the Jesse Owens Award.

    On Twitter, she frequently posts photos and inspirational quotes from herself and others.


    Lolo Jones — @lolojones 

    Three-time Olympian, Jones is one of only ten Americans to have competed in both the Summer and Winter Olympics. A hurdler and a bobsledder, she was recently profiled on, where she chatted about mental toughness and her training plan. Jones brings that same strong-willed attitude to Twitter.

    Follow her for more inspiration and passion.


    Serena Williams — @serenawilliams

    Williams, a tennis superstar, has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles. In addition to her tennis career, she has established her own clothing line and invested in philanthropic efforts through The Serena Williams Fund and The Williams Sisters Fund.

    Her Twitter is full of updates about her life as well as inspiration. Perhaps she put it the simplest when she tweeted this statement. 


    Good luck finding the inspiration you need to get up, get out and get moving.

    About Erin Dietsche

    Erin ran track from an early age, but it wasn’t until her parents "forced" her to join her high school cross country team that she fell in love with running. Since then, she’s become an avid runner and learned how to balance her running with her interest in eating chocolate. Erin graduated from the University of Iowa and currently works as a reporter for a healthcare publication. Outside of her job, she enjoys the theatre and writing plays. When she’s not writing, reading or running, Erin likes listening to rap music and playing the piano.