The Best Books We Read All Summer

From memoirs to romance to mysteries, here are the 15 best books our team read in the summer of 2020.

10 Small Things To Look Forward To Post-Pandemic

We’re all looking forward to the momentous things we can do after the pandemic. Here’s why you can also anticipate the little things in a post-COVID world.

The Exerciser’s Guide to Mask Maintenance

It turns out that you should be washing your cloth face mask more often than you probably have been.

How To Avoid “Less Than” Syndrome While Sheltering At Home

We consulted the experts, and it turns out it’s okay that you haven’t baked sourdough bread or written an entire novel during quarantine.

I’m An Introvert — Here’s How I’m Feeling While Sheltering In Place

Has it really been easier for introverts to stay at home during the pandemic? One of our writers weighs in.

When Running Like A Girl Means Outpacing The Boys

At distances over 195 miles, female ultra runners are actually slightly faster than males, according to a recent study from RunRepeat and the IAU.

Meet the QVC Host Who’s Training for the Olympics

Courtney Webb is training for the 2022 Winter Olympics, maintains a full-time job as a QVC host … oh, and she’s danced with Beyoncé.

How to Break Up With Your Therapist

You found a therapist, but the relationship isn’t going the way you thought it would. Here are some signs that it’s time to part company and how to respectfully end ties.

These Are The Top Travel Trends and Destinations of 2020

The dawn of a new year — and a new decade — presents the perfect time to craft a list of your goals and dreams. Maybe it’s running a marathon. […]

This is What Using the Balance Meditation App is Like

A goal-guided meditation app? We’re intrigued.

How to Treat and Prevent Calluses From Working Out

Don’t let your calluses stop you from picking up those heavy weights.

3 Roadblocks to Starting Therapy—and How to Overcome Them

Too expensive, not enough time, stigma… there are lots of obstacles to starting therapy. Here’s how to overcome them.


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