How to Treat and Prevent Calluses From Working Out

Don’t let your calluses stop you from picking up those heavy weights.

3 Roadblocks to Starting Therapy—and How to Overcome Them

Too expensive, not enough time, stigma… there are lots of obstacles to starting therapy. Here’s how to overcome them.

What to Eat Before a Workout

Ever been about to start a workout when all of a sudden, your stomach growls? Here’s how to avoid that.

What To Do In The Moment If You’re Feeling Anxious At Work

When anxiety hits, try these five things in the moment at your desk to reduce your anxiety and calm yourself down.

The Pros and Cons of Juicing

Is juicing truly the healthiest option out there? We dug a little deeper to find out.

How Many Times a Week Should I Work Out?

We spoke to founder of Ladies Who Lift Rae Reichlin to learn about workout frequency.

Why Aren’t There Any Men in my Group Fitness Class?

Group fitness classes are for guys, too—but why aren’t they signing up?

What I Learned From My First Barre Class

Though barre incorporates elements of ballet, you certainly don’t have to be a full-fledged ballerina to take a class.

How to Avoid Holiday-Induced Sleep Deprivation

With all the merry and bright festivities, sleep can often take a backseat during the holidays. Avoid holiday-induced sleep deprivation with these tips.

5 Surprising Ways Stress Manifests in Your Body

Stress doesn’t just mess with your brain — it can affect your body, too.

What to Expect from Your First Yoga Class

From namaste to savasana, what to know before your first yoga class.

5 Sneaky-Negative Words and Thoughts to Banish from Your Brain

Sticks and stones may break bones, but the words you use can have an impact too.


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