Your 30-Minute Workout With a Band

There’s a lot of holiday travel happening this week. Whether you’re hitting the road to the suburbs, hopping a plane to a distant relative’s or getting the heck out of the country for a little R&R, there’s one piece of equipment that can accompany you: a resistance band.

We created this workout to follow you to your destination and deliver a total body workout in just 30 minutes. So pack your bags and prepare for a sweaty holiday season. And if you read this, pledged to bring your resistance bands and totally forget, these bodyweight workouts can help.

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Here’s your workout!

You’re going to do this set of exercises three times, working for :40 and resting for :10. Between each round , you’ll do a Tabata round, which is explained below.

  • Monster walks
  • Push-up plank jacks
  • Squat jumps with the band
  • Sit-ups with a press out
  • Plank to ankle tap
  • Right row with a band
  • Left row with a band

Between each set, you’ll do a Tabata round, you’ll do eight rounds, working for :20 and resting for :10.

  • After the first round: Russian twist
  • After the second round: Criss-cross crunch
  • After the third round: 90 degree arms

Here are your exercises!

Monster walks: With a band around both of your legs, laying flat against your body just above your knees (don’t let it roll up at all), start in an athletic position – your feet hip-width distance and a slight bend in your knees. Step your right foot forward and out to the right, then step your left foot forward to meet it. From there, step your left foot forward and out to the left and step your right foot forward to meet it. Return to where you started.

asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_monster-walks_2 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_monster-walks_1

Push-up plank jacks: With a band around both of your legs, just above your knees laying flat against your body (don’t let it roll up at all), start in a plank position on your hands. Bend your elbows out to lower down and push up to return to a plank position, then jump your feet out wider than your hips and back to your starting position.

asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_plank-jacks_3asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_banded-push-ups asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_plank-jacks_3 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_plank-jacks_2 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_plank-jacks_1

Squat jumps with the band: With a band around both of your legs, just above your knees laying flat against your body (don’t let it roll up at all), start in an athletic position – your feet hip-width distance and a slight bend in your knees. Sit your butt back and down to knee height and explode up into a jump. Land softly into a squat position.

asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_banded-squat-jump_3 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_banded-squat-jump_2 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_banded-squat-jump_1

Sit-ups with a press out: With a band around both of your legs, just above your knees laying flat against your legs, lay face up with your legs straight and your feet above your hips. Put your hands behind your head and lift your shoulder blades off the ground using your abs to do the lifting. While you life up, press your legs out to the side.

asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_banded-straight-legged-crunch_4 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_banded-straight-legged-crunch_3 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_banded-straight-legged-crunch_1 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_banded-straight-legged-crunch_2

Plank to ankle tap: With a band around both of your legs just above your knees, and the band laying flat against your body (don’t let it roll up at all), start in a plank position with your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line and your feet about hip-width distance. Reach your right hand underneath your body and back towards your left ankle. Return to your plank position and repeat on the other side.

asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_plank-jacks_1 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_plank-ankle-taps asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_plank-ankle-taps_4 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_plank-ankle-taps_3

Banded row: With your left arm straight and your left hand in front of your left shoulder, hold one end of the band in your left hand and the other end of the band in your right hand. Your right arm should be bent slightly. Pull with your right arm to stretch the band, keeping your right elbow hugging in towards your body.

asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_band-pull_3 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_band-pull_2

Russian twist: Sitting on the floor with your heels planted, lean back to engage your core, keeping your back flat and shoulders rolled back. Twist gently to the right and hold for a beat and then back to the left and hold for a beat. Hold onto either end of the band.

asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_4 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_3 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_2 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_russian-twists_1

Criss-cross crunch: Start laying on the ground in an X position, with your legs extended and your arms extended. Sit up and reach over, taking your opposite hand to your opposite foot. Right hand to left foot and left hand to right foot.

asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_x-crunches_3 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_x-crunches_2 asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_x-crunches_3asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_x-crunches_1

90 degree arms: Start with a band placed flat against your skin on your forearms, close to your elbows. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees, keeping your elbows directly in front of your shoulders and your wrists above your elbows. Pulse your elbows up an inch and return to your starting position. asweatlife_your-30-minute-workout-with-a-band_90-degree-pulse_1

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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