Three Studios of #Sweatworking at Studio Three

If we’ve learned anything about the people who swarm into #Sweatworking with us each month, it’s this: they want to know what’s out there to make them sweat and they’re up for a challenge.

As we sat down to talk to the Studio Three team about a #Sweatworking event at the newest studio in River North, we knew that the right answer was, “Interval, Peloton and yoga. We’ll take all of it, please.”

To make the most use of the space occupying three floors in the fully-rehabbed building with ceilings at a breath-taking height, we broke the 90 participants into three groups of 30, using eco-friendly twine to keep the yellow, blue and green teams together.

We hope they wear those as bracelets (and mementos) forever.


Once we checked everyone in, we were ready to get the party started. We explained how the groups would move – from yoga, to Peloton, to Interval – and we enjoyed the mandatory #Sweatworking meeting and greeting. Those 30 seconds of chatter when strangers shake hands with strangers, are probably my favorite 30 seconds of every month.


From there the groups followed a few team leads from aSweatLife to their starting location. Mananya‘s group went to Interval with Dani for a Torch class that used water rowers and treadmills for cardio intervals as well as props like weights, sandbells and steps.


Dani‘s group went to Peloton, where Antonia fired them up to put in serious work during their classes. Afterwards, I heard someone say, “Man she was intense. By the end of class, I would have gone to war for her.” That someone may have been my husband.

asweatlife_Three-Studios-of-#Sweatworking-at-Studio-Three_20 asweatlife_Three-Studios-of-#Sweatworking-at-Studio-Three_19

And on the top floor Maggie’s team enjoyed the unseasonably warm, 50-degree weather that breezed in through the open windows into the yoga studio, where everyone was ready to bend, twist and flow through a yoga sequence.



This yoga flow was a welcome counterpart to the other, higher-intensity classes. And immediately, you could see everyone think, “I should do more yoga.”

asweatlife_Three-Studios-of-#Sweatworking-at-Studio-Three_21 asweatlife_Three-Studios-of-#Sweatworking-at-Studio-Three_24

After each group finished their first mini workout, they rotated to their second workout. Before, during and after the workout, we were hydrated by VitaCoco and Essentia Water, both serving up ice-cold, drinks.



Afterwards, we gathered as one, big, sweaty mess and grabbed some snacks.


But that sweat looks good on you.


To refuel, we grabbed the newly formulated Luna Bars with only 5 grams of sugar, which seems impossible because they’re delicious.


Mamma Chia shared Chia squeezes (including my new favorite flavor: cherry beet) and beverages with the group.


And if that wasn’t enough, Real Good Juice Co. stayed open to serve snacks.


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This March, you can join us at Hardpressed Conditioning March 5, Chicago Athletic Association March 19 and KitchFix for a food-focused #Sweatworking March 26.

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