Sixty-Minute Playlist to Motivate Your Morning Workout

Daylight’s diminishing and the temps are dropping, however it’s no excuse to snooze through your morning workout. We get it, energy and motivation can be at an all-time low in the colder, darker months; so we created a 60-minute playlist to help you amp things up in the a.m.

The playlist is constructed to carry you through a sweat session from start to finish (so listen to the songs in order). The first few songs will get you warmed-up, high-intensity hits will help you pick-up the pace, and then we slow it back down for core, stretching and meditation. All-in, it’s 60-minutes.

Wake up. Press play. Repeat three or more times a week.

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About Kelly Molnar

A marketing manager by day, Kelly Magnus has serious passion for keeping active. Kelly believes in making fitness fun by sweating with friends at events like #Sweatworking, or morning run meet-ups. Aside from her day job, she’s an age-group triathlete having completed sprint to half-iron distance races. She’s also a yoga instructor and you can find her teaching strength classes at Studio Three in Chicago. Kelly's hope is that her writing on aSweatLife inspires everyone, no matter their fitness level, to get moving. Kelly is from Wisconsin and attended the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

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