Why You Should Stay Present to Achieve Happiness

Ironically, chasing happiness might keep you from staying present—here’s how mindful moments can improve your outlook.

I Applied Marie Kondo’s Methods to My Job, My Relationships, and My Happiness—Here’s What Happened

Before the world knew the KonMari method, this writer applied Kondo’s methods to her work life, her relationships, and her happiness.

Everyone on TV Was Depressed in 2018 and I Have Never Related More

We’re in “peak TV” mode right now, with dozens of bingeable shows on at any given time. But what do our favorite characters say about our society’s views on mental health?

I Half-Assed My Race, But I’m Owning It (and 3 Other Things I Learned at my First Triathlon)

This writer owns up to a “half-assed” effort at her first triathlon — but here’s what she learned from her swim-bike-run experience.

I Tried Dance Therapy… and I Cried

This writer tried dance therapy and found herself moved in more ways than one.

I’m a Sweaty Mess, but I’m Embracing My Flaws — Here’s How

I wear socks during yoga, I don’t get manicures, and I’ll never know the joy of wearing a pair of super sexy strappy sandals. Here’s why I’m okay with it.

How Antonio Coke Moved from the Back of the Class to Opening His Own Gym

Antonio Coke thought of himself as shy and reserved — but something inside drove him to attend an African dance class.

Welcome to the Velodrome: How the Lexus Velodrome Compares to Outdoor Biking

Think indoor biking is limited to spin classes? Think again.

Reese Scott Makes Space For Women in the World of Boxing

When she walked into her first boxing gym, Reese Scott was nearly chased out the door. Now, she’s running a training center of her own aimed specifically at teaching women the fundamentals of boxing and taking up space in a male-dominated world.

What Prevents Us From Trying New Things in Fitness

Whether you’re new to group fitness or to a different kind of workout, feeling new is intimidating for all. Here’s what you should know about trying something new anyway.

When Should You Practice Restorative Yoga?

Restorative yoga has benefits beyond the physical. Read this yoga instructor and psychologist’s point of view about what the practice can do for you.

How Fitness Communities Help Growing Loneliness Epidemic

This city’s fitness community helps members create authentic connection and combat loneliness, a feeling 40% of adults experience regularly.


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