[Listen] How to Keep A “What I’m Proud Of” Journal

Because right now, gratitude journaling feels kind of like Groundhog Day.

[Listen] Block Time Off On Your Calendar For You—Here’s Why

And a bonus discussion about tie-dye.

[Listen] Three Tricks for Resetting Your Day, No Matter What Time It Is

Including a kind of “out there” tip involving a baseball bat and a stuffed animal.

[Listen] Why You Should Be The First One Up In Your House

Yes, coffee is allowed.

[Listen] How to Win the Morning

Ridge Davis, a celebrity fitness trainer and Puma Performance Trainer, shares his (surprisingly simple) formula for winning the morning.

[Listen] Learn Something New—Especially If It’s Fun

From making pizza dough from scratch to learning a new language, here’s why a career strategist thinks you should learn something new.

[Listen] Julie Smolyansky, CEO of Lifeway Foods, on Nourishment, Quarantine Kefir Recipes, and More

Kefir and… prosecco? You have our attention.

[Listen] Treat Your Body Like It Belongs To Someone You Love

A Peloton instructor offers her advice.

[Listen] Why You Should Try Physically Writing Your Daily Schedule

Yep, the pen and paper are an essential part of this recommendation.

[Listen] Practice Positive Self-Talk With These Strategies

Facts: You talk to yourself more than you talk to anyone else in the world.

Watch: Digital Resume Workshop With A Career Strategist

Pro tip: pink and scented resumes are for Elle Woods only.

[Listen] How to Ease Into Your Workouts (Or Not)

Maggie’s back on the podcast with one tip for the listeners.


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