Upcoming Flight? Take Off With These Healthy Travel Tips

The next time you board a long flight, use these healthy travel tips so that you touch down feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Thinking About Spring Cleaning? Sage Wisdom from The Clutter Curator

If you’re waiting for divine inspiration to strike before tackling spring cleaning, consider this interview with The Clutter Curator your official sign.

Under the Sri Lankan Sun: A Yoga Retreat to Restore Your Balance

A yoga retreat away from the hustle and bustle of her Chinese host city taught one writer how to bring balance back to her city life.

When Life Takes You on the Road, Here’s How to Avoid a #FitnessFail

No excuses — this is the one app you need to get your workout in while on the road.

What Happens When Fitness is a Family Affair

Making fitness a part of everyday life within the family helps keep bones – and bonds – stronger. Here’s how one writer keeps fitness in her family.

4 Ways Your Body Suffers from Lack of Sleep

Sure, you know you feel a little sluggish when you don’t get eight hours a night. But these surprising ways lack of sleep affects your body may have you going to bed a little bit earlier.

How SweatWorking Kept Me Accountable To My Fitness Goals From Across the World

According to one team member, the SweatWorking app creates consistency and accountability for an entire team taking on a Liu Gross challenge from all over the world.

Chris Kresser and the Functional Medicine Revolution

Chris Kresser, author, writer and leader in the alternative medicine space, is a big proponent of ancestral health and functional medicine. This is what we took away from his newly released book.

High Cholesterol? Allow Us To Dispel Some Myths

Studies done by experts in the field let us think there’s more to be said than “high cholesterol is bad.” Read some of the myths about cholesterol here.

How to Use Eastern Medicine to Treat Cold and Flu

As opposed to western medicine, Eastern approaches include acupuncture and herbs and aim to treat the body, not the systems when treating sickness.

Why Your Fitness Routine Today Matters For Your Health Tomorrow

Recent studies bring up the importance maintaining physical fitness as you age in order to keep up cardiovascular & muscular strength throughout your years.

What Are the Benefits of Raw Coconut Oil?

We know coconut oil has benefits far beyond a healthy cooking alternative, but what exactly does it mean when you buy raw coconut oil?


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