How Purpose Drives Beau Schmitt, Co-founder of Sunday Scaries

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When we met Beau Schmitt, co-founder of Sunday Scaries, he exuded an overwhelming sense of chill. But like so many entrepreneurs in wellness, his story is one of finding his purpose through adversity.

He and his co-founder Mike owned a bar with upwards of 50 employees – a time of 14-hour days and “putting out little tiny fires” all the time. Around 2015, they were looking for something to calm them down without setting them up for failure the next morning. A friend turned them onto CBD – a cannabinoid that’s now pretty ubiquitous in food, beverage, beauty and more.

After they had trouble finding CBD online with a good purchase experience and with a certificate of analysis (COA), Beau and Mike decided to create their own brand of CBD that filled in those blanks for stressed out young professionals. The pair launched Sunday Scaries in 2017 and that also came on the heels of losing Beau’s dad suddenly at only 63 years old.

You’ll hear about that on this week’s episode of #WeGotGoals as well as Beau’s goals – which right now surround starting a family. Beau and I had a real conversation about trying to conceive from a gent’s perspective. We discuss TTC as cis, straight people, but we both realize there’s a whole spectrum of people trying to conceive or build families in a variety of ways. Regardless of your family’s structure or who you love, the process can be shrouded in this weird, taboo, mystery, which isn’t good for anyone’s mental health.

So we talked about it. I tried my best not to be weird and I mostly succeeded.

We also dug into Sunday Scaries‘ brand values, which all started from a simple question of “Why is Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool on all of your printed collateral?” and spun into a really interesting conversation on how the brand’s culture came to be. After doing a values exercise a few years ago using an infrastructure from Rocket Fuel, they landed on these core values

  • Be an antihero – or acknowledge your imperfections
  • Delivering Happiness – do whatever they can for the customer
  • Grow or die – They look at performance like a tree, they want to grow their roots along with their branches
  • Keep it 100 – They ask each other for honesty about interactions with each other and the tough stuff in life
  • Let’s get ready to Rumble – They come to the office ready to celebrate each others’ wins

On the episode, you’ll also hear Beau talk about these other resources:

  • Get Sunday Scaries for 20% off with Code LIFE20 here
  • Follow Sunday Scaries on Instagram
  • One of the books Beau mentioned: Delivering Happiness (The Tony Hsieh story)
  • Another Book Beau mentioned as a part of his morning routine: The One Thing
  • Rocket Fuel, which Beau mentioned as a source of inspiration for the company’s values exercise

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